Places to Store a Car

Whether you are a car collector or travel extensively, the need to store a car sometimes arises. Read on for a look at what kinds of cars can be stored, and what the best method of storing your car is, whether it’s a classic roadster or a modern convertible.

Storage Units

Storage Units can be a highly efficient way to store your vehicle whether it is a motorcycle or a truck. There are storage units that are considerably large, and amply sized to fit your vehicle comfortably. Storage units help keep your vehicle safe and secure. Prices and rules vary, so it is important to check with your storage center for specific details. This is an option that works well for many car-owners and is typically a low cost one, too.

Collector’s Garage

If you own vintage collector cars, you may want to rent or own a stand alone garage where you can keep your vehicles safely and securely. A garage allows ample room for you to work on your cars, show them off to visitors or even store multiple cars in one setting. While this expense is greater than a standard storage unit, it is a price that many car collectors are willing to pay in order to secure their vintage gems. Collector’s garages are common, and many car collectors use them.

Personal Garage

A personal garage at home is often the best place to store your car. Kept under lock and key, you car is kept secure in the confines of your home. This is the most convenient option for many car owners, offering close proximity, shelter from the weather, and often, plenty of room to work on the cars while they are in storage. If you have the space in your garage, this is a great option.

Long-Term Storage

Another great option for car storage is to opt for long-term storage. Long-term storage companies will store your vehicle in a larger warehouse for safe keeping. This is a good option if you plan to travel or know that you will not need the car for an extended period of time. Security at long-term facilities is top notch and you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good hands.

Check out this video about a Storage West unit that can fit a car:

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