Planning Ahead for Summer Storage

College students are preoccupied with thoughts of Spring Break and mid-terms this time of year.  Remember, though, that summer is just around the corner.  Before you get caught up in studying for finals and planning for an awesome summer, take a few minutes to think about what you’re going to do with your stuff.

Summer Means Moving Out

A great many college students leave campus, or their off-campus digs, for the summer.  One of the best things about going to college is having summers off to pursue travel, employment, and even further education.  All those translate to leaving the college nest for several months and then returning to a new dorm or apartment in the fall.

Here are the top reasons college students need to store their belongings for the summer:

  1. Internships — Many students, especially upperclassmen, use the summer to explore jobs in their intended career.  These jobs may take them to other cities and states or back to their hometown.
  2. Study Abroad — Another perk offered by many universities is a study abroad program.  Students spend several months studying at foreign institutions combining education and travel.
  3. Volunteer Work — Service-minded students may join a variety of volunteer programs that take them to rural communities, inner cities, or third world countries.  These programs usually provide austere housing, so students are forced to leave most of their belongings behind.
  4. Travel — Lucky students will find themselves with three months of free time and the ability to backpack across Europe, motorcycle through South America, or wander around North America.  By definition travel involves little more than you can carry in your luggage or vehicle.
  5. Going Home — Another block of students head home for the summer.  They may have a job or family obligations or may simply want to relax and unwind. They, too, have to find someway to store their stuff at college.

Summer Storage Options

Basically, there are three options for college students to store their stuff over the summer.

  • Leave It
  • Ship It
  • Store It

At some colleges, there is limited storage available in dorms (if they don’t have a summer session) and sometimes roommates may stay in an apartment even if one person goes away.  A student with these options is fortunate, because they don’t have to worry about what to do with their stuff.

Shipping it all back home can be an expensive proposition, especially for students who live out of state.  This works great for students who are going home anyway as they will keep their stuff and could, conceivably, leave some of it at home at the end of summer.  However, the cost of shipping is double, as most if not all of it will have to be shipped back to school come September.

Renting a storage unit is the best option for students who have a lot of stuff.  Furniture, electronics, and books are all heavy and expensive to ship.  A storage unit can hold all of that as well as sports equipment, bedding, clothes, and even vehicles if needed.  Best of all, students can chip in to rent a larger unit with friends so that each is paying less than getting their own unit.

If you haven’t thought about it yet, add an item to your post-Spring Break “to do list” to make summer storage plans before it’s too late.

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