Rancho Bernardo Historical Society Speaker Program

At Storage West we make it our mission to stay involved in the community. We have to always be keeping an eye out for new and exciting things going on in our town. To be the best neighbor that we can be we always make sure to share what we learn about.

Rancho Bernardo Historical Society

You can see this in action first and foremost on our Rancho Bernardo Facebook page. Its part of a Storage West manager’s routine to check out what’s going on in the area. They can then share what they found like the Rancho Bernardo post about the Rancho Bernardo Historical Society.  The Historical Society has a lot to offer, particularly, you might want to check out their next event for their speaker program.

Every so often the Rancho Bernardo Historical Society hosts a speaker about an interesting topic. The general public can come and learn from them. Topics range from things like early California ranchos and also ship renovation.

The Rancho Bernardo Historical Society is a non-profit organization. The museum itself is located at Bernardo Winery. You might just make a whole day of it and stick around to try a wine tasting there too.

We think events like these inspire our community to get together and that’s why we share. If you’re in the Rancho Bernardo area, we hope this was useful to you. If not, check out the Facebook page for the facility nearest you and you’re sure to find something of interest for you and your family.

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