Rancho Cucamonga Fitness Program Geared Toward Older Residents

It can be difficult to get your body in shape as you get older, particularly if you’ve experienced an injury or have joint pain due to arthritis. But for Rancho Cucamonga residents, there’s an option that’s tailored especially to them. It’s the 40-50 Fit Club at Self-Made Training and it’s helping to change lives.

About the 40-50 Fit Club

The 40-50 Fit Club is the brainchild of trainer Dion Hudson. He got the idea for the club after noticing that he had a lot of clients coming in to work out at Self-Made Training who had lower back pain, knee injuries, and other issues associated with aging.

With that realization came a recognition that his more mature clients needed workouts that were created especially for them. They might not be able to do some of the most traditional high-impact cardio workouts such as running or jumping rope, and they needed guidance to figure out which workouts and exercises were best suited to their needs.

His goal is to help the members of the club, whose ages range from 40 on one end to 60s and 70s on the other end, achieve their fitness goals while working around their pain and physical limitations. That may mean putting a client on the rowing machine if back pain prevents them from running or having them walk on a treadmill if they can’t jump rope.

The Members of the 40-50 Fit Club

The members of the 40-50 Fit Club have nothing but praise for Dion Hudson and the work he’s doing. One member, Traci Doran Hawkins, came looking for the club after her father died because, as she says, she “just wasn’t feeling good, wasn’t feeling good inside myself and I decided to make a change.”

Her issue is lower back pain, which had previously kept her from working out and getting in shape. With Hudson at her side, she says, “I don’t have to be embarrassed if I can’t get off the floor, he will extend a hand, and he will help me.”

That helping hand means a lot. It allows Hawkins to focus on her health and work on getting in shape. Her priority is being healthy, so she can be here for her children as they grow up.

Cynthia Harris, a Rancho Cucamonga resident who is approaching her 68th birthday, still works a full-time job. Her philosophy is, “You never know, it could be your last day. We don’t know what’s around the corner.”

That attitude makes her want to stay in shape and live her best life now – before it’s too late. And that’s what she’s doing, with Hudson’s help and the support of the other members of the 40-50 Fit Club.

You can find Self-Made Fitness at 11552 East Foothill Boulevard. The facility has 4,728 square feet of training space and employs 25 skilled personal trainers. There are no membership fees. You can learn  more about the facility, trainers, and programs they offer by visiting their website, here.

If you live in or around the Rancho Cucamonga area, check out our Rancho Cucamonga location. We have both compact and spacious storage units to suit your needs, no matter what situation you’re in.


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