Moving to Escondido, California

Escondido is a San Diego County town, nestled inside a beautiful valley. With a population of around 151,000, this is a well-sized town filled with entertainment and job opportunities. This city is constantly expanding and for good reason. The beautiful location of this town and affordable housing make this town a catch!

The original peoples of this land were the Luiseño and the Kumeyaay people. The Spanish later began controlling the land throughout the late 18th century to the early 19th century, and began to build missions to convert the indigenous peoples.
Once Mexico gained its’ independence from Spain, the land was divided into ranchos. In the 1850s, the city was largely Hispanic and Spanish-speaking. Many non-Hispanics later immigrated into the area in the 1880s during the California land boom. In the 1880s, the ranchos were sold off and the area was established into the city of Escondido.


The Escondido Union School District are the public schools which serve the city. This district contains 27 schools. Overall, Escondido has 100 schools.

For those who do not want public schooling, there is the Classical Academy School, which is a highly rated, tuition-free charter school which serves grades K-12. The school’s testing scores were above the state average. A private school option would the Escondido Christian School, serving K-8, which is an excellent choice for religious families.

The Heritage K-8 charter school was also ranked very highly, along with Knob Hill Elementary School.

For higher education, there are a few colleges in nearby San Marcos. California State University San Marcos is a public university, which is part of the California State University system. It has a 67% acceptance rate and offers a wide variety of degrees. San Marcos is also home to Palomar College, which offers around 250 different degree and certificate programs. These colleges can help one succeed in a variety of careers.


The median listing price for homes here was $475,000. Homes in Escondido seem to be more affordable than other places in Southern California.

The cost of living in Escondido is around one-and-a-half times the national average, which is still lower than many places in San Diego County. Gas prices are still generally higher in California than in other states, due to California’s gas taxes and low-pollution oil formulations that the state requires.

Escondido has a lower violent crime rate than both the national and California averages. The Escondido robbery rates are also slightly higher than the national averages.


Escondido’s unemployment rate is 4.1%, which is in line with San Diego’s unemployment rate. This is slightly lower than California’s unemployment average of 5.1%. The largest employers in this town are the Palomar Medical Center and the Escondido Union School District. The most common professions in Escondido involve educational, social service and retail work.

If you do not mind having a commute, Escondido is 30 miles away from San Diego, which has a large economy and many corporate job opportunities.


Like most of California, Escondido has a Mediterranean climate, which sees mild winters and hot summers. Escondido has a comfortable climate year-round, with snow being an anomaly. This sort of mild climate is what makes California living in such high demand.

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It is best to register for all of your utilities before your arrival. Make sure to do proper research regarding your child’s schooling before you make the move to Escondido.

California laws are strict regarding car emissions. Your car must pass an emissions test before being registered with the California DMV. When you register as a new California resident, you must get your driver’s license within 10 days, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Things to Do in Escondido

Escondido has a large entertainment landscape, with plenty of things to do. Here are a few examples:

The San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum is an interactive museum which allows kids to explore and interact with a variety of exhibits. This is a suitable place to allow your children to use their imagination and allow them to learn about history and science while having fun!

EcoVivarium is a non-profit museum which offers hands-on experiences with reptiles and amphibians.

The Roynon Museum of Paleontology is a museum which educates people about natural earth sciences. This museum shows the discovery of different fossils and teaches its visitors about paleontology.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park is located near Escondido. This is a park, which is an outside extension of the San Diego Zoo, where you can view exotic animals and go on safari tours.

Escondido has plenty of delicious restaurant options as well.

If you do not mind taking a 40-minute drive, San Diego is home to a large nightlife. San Diego is also home to the World-Famous San Diego Zoo, which makes for a fun and educational day out. SeaWorld and Legoland are also located in San Diego, which is perfect for a fun family day out.

Make Your Move

Escondido and San Diego County have a lot to offer. This town will provide plenty of job opportunities and has plenty of family-friendly recreational activities! Escondido and San Diego County await you.

This video shows five things to do in Escondido, while also displaying the beauty of this San Diego County town: