Moving to Irvine, California

Irvine is a city in Southern California with an estimated population of 212,375. This city is in the famous Orange County in Southern California and is considered part of the Greater Los Angeles area. Being south of Los Angeles, the city is located right next to Santa Ana and Lake Forest.

The city is also around a 15-minute drive from Newport Beach, which is home to the Newport beach piers and the Balboa Piers. Irvine is the location to numerous colleges and universities. Being in Orange County, Irvine is within proximity to many amusement parks and attractions.

This area was originally inhabited by the Gabrielino Indians around 2,000 years ago. Spanish explorers the disrupted the Gabrielinos life in the 18th century, taking over the land. Once Mexico acquired independence from Spain in 1821, the Mexican government took control of these lands. The land would divide into multiple ranches. In 1864, Jose Andres Sepulveda sold 50,000 acres of the land to a group of ranchers, one of them being in James Irvine. His name was used to name the new ranch. The land eventually became home to Irvine Ranch, which would later transition into the City of Irvine.

Irvine and Orange County’s Entertainment Landscape

There are tons of things to do in Irvine! You can never be bored living in this area. Orange County is home to a number of theme parks and attractions. Orange County is home to Disneyland, Adventure City and Knott’s Berry Farm in nearby Buena Park, which are all fun attractions. Each theme park has different price ranges. Disneyland is infamous for it’s high priced theme park tickets, but Disneyland has different annual pass options. One year round annual pass costs around $1,000, but you can take the option of getting a Deluxe Passport, which would allow for you to go to the theme parks only on specified days of the year, for $619.00. Knott’s Berry Farm theme park tickets are $49 each. Adventure City is the cheapest option, with admission being only $18.95.
If the multiple theme parks do not sound enticing enough to you, there are other things to do in Irvine. These include:

  • The Irvine Spectrum Center-One of the most popular shopping and dining centers located in Southern California. The mall contains high-end stores such as Nordstrom and L’Occitane en Provence.The mall also has a Target and many other affordable retail stores. This place contains an ice rink during the winter and a carousel which lights up and is quite a sight at night.
  • The Pretend City Children’s Museum-A museum with a pretend town, with fake dentists and grocery stores, which gives your children a chance to pretend that they are adults in a miniature “city”. This is a fantastic educational opportunity for your kids.
  • K1 Speed Irvine-This provides indoor go-kart racing, with electric karts.
  • Balboa Fun Zone-A pier in Newport Beach which provides affordable entertainment. It has a ferris wheel which gives you a good glimpse of the ocean.


One can expect to pay a hefty amount when buying a home in Irvine. This city unfortunately has a very high cost of living. The average home price in Irvine is around $800,000. The median listing price was around $1,000,000. This is the cost of living close to the ocean. This is certainly not the city to move to if you are on a tight budget. Homes in Southern California are usually very expensive. If you are a frugal person who is looking for only the necessities, this area may not be for you.


Irvine has a low unemployment rate of 3.1%. The top employers in Irvine are University of California, Irvine, Irvine Unified School District and Blizzard games. Southern California is saturated with business and employment opportunities, due to the high population.


Being in Southern California, one can expect mild winters and warm summers. Southern California has some of the best weather in the nation, which is part of what attracts many people to SoCal. Irvine sees summer highs in the 80s, with winter lows in the 40s. This weather is what makes Southern California so attractive to people who do not want to deal with either extreme summers or winters.


Irvine Unified School District serves Irvine, California. This district contains 38 schools.

Irvine is home to multiple higher-education institutions. These colleges include:

  • The University of California, Irvine-This is one of the University of California’s campuses. It has a 40% acceptance rate and it also contains one of the top university medical programs in America.
  • Irvine Valley College-A community college, which has low tuition. Community college can be a terrific way to start off one’s education and save money.
  • Concordia University-A private Christian university. It has a small student body, with around 2,000 students attending. This is one of the university’s 10 locations, one that can match a student’s Christian values.
  • Pepperdine University-A graduate campus and Pepperdine’s Orange County location.
  • University of La Verne-La Verne’s Orange County Regional Campus.


Making the Move

If you can afford the housing here, then make your move! Orange County is an iconic county, for good reason. The beautiful weather and numerous things to do make this county top notch. It is no wonder the property demand here is so high! Be sure to use extra caution on the L.A freeways, especially if you are not used to them. Also, be prepared to pay for the toll booths which are located on certain Orange County freeways, which are the 73, 133, 241 and 261. Have a safe move, Orange County welcomes you!

Here is a video tour of Irvine, California, to help you get a feel for the area: