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Lake Forest is a city located in the iconic Orange County, in California. It is a part of the Greater Los Angeles area. Lake Forest’s population was recorded as being 77,264 at the 2010 census. The community was previously known as El Toro, before being incorporated into a city in 1991. Lake Forest got its’ name from two man made lakes which are in the city. These lakes are both operated and run by the neighborhood associations.

About Lake Forest

In 1874, Jose Serrano and his family owned a large area of ranch, in the area that was currently known as El Toro. Dwight Whiting would be the man responsible for bringing the Santa Fe rail line through the region. This would turn “El Toro” into a stagecoach stop between San Diego and Los Angeles. El Toro would become a thriving community, until its’ eventual deterioration.

El Toro Road was once a focal point of Saddleback Valley for around 100 years, until the end of the 1900s. The area soon deteriorated, but was recently revived and

turned into the Arbor district. This is now a large shopping center. This area is also close to Newport Beach, which contains two piers and the Balboa Fun Zone. The Balboa Fun Zone is an activity center in Newport Beach which has a Ferris wheel, this allows visitors to catch a good glimpse of the surrounding ocean.
There are loads of fun things to do which are in or around this area. A few suggestions are:

O’Neill Regional Park-This is a 4,500 acre preserve which is ideal if you are craving a day outdoors, want to go for a picnic or would like to go camping.

Disneyland-As Lake Forest is only around a 30-minute drive away from Anaheim, this makes for an exciting day out for your family at the most magical place on earth.

Knott’s Berry Farm-A theme park located near Orange County with cheaper ticket prices than Disneyland.

Pretend City Children’s Museum-A museum in Irvine which is complete pretend “city”, with grocery stores and dentists, which allows for kids to pretend that they are adults for a day. This is a fun and immersive way for kids to play house.

Big Air Trampoline Park-A trampoline center located in Laguna Hills, which is open to all ages.

Irvine Spectrum Center-A large shopping center, located in nearby Irvine. This is one of the most popular shopping centers in the Los Angeles area. Not only does it have tons of retail stores, which suit all price ranges, it is also a large entertainment center. It has an ice skating rink during the winter, a light up Ferris wheel, a splash pad fountain, a miniature train for kids and a carousel.


Lake Forest has a 3% unemployment rate. Lake Forest contains the headquarters of the eyewear company Oakley. Metal companies Kaiser Aluminum and in-flight entertainment company Panasonic Avionics are also located in Lake Forest. These are among the largest employers in the city of Lake Forest. The Los Angeles area is loaded with job opportunities, as it is the hub spot of many corporate centers. The large population of this area and the tourism make way for many jobs, in and around this entire area.


The average home price in Lake Forest, California is $695,500. This is a higher average home price than Santa Ana, but it is lower than Irvine. Lake Forest’s housing prices have risen 5.1% in the previous year and are predicted to go up 1.1% in the coming year. Due the city’s proximity to a beach, one can expect housing prices to be high.

The cost of living in Lake Forest does not seem to differentiate too much from the United State’s average in terms of healthcare, utilities and transportation. The housing prices are three and a half times the national average, which drives the overall cost of living up to up to twice the national average. If you are planning to move to this area, housing pricing is something one needs to be wary of.


Orange County is home to multiple college regional centers and universities. Many of them are in nearby Irvine, which is close to Lake Forest.

University of California, Irvine is a college located in nearby Irvine. This school is part of the University of California system and boasts an 86.2% graduation rate, along with one of the best university medical programs in the country.

Pepperdine has an Orange County graduate campus in Irvine.

Stanbridge University is a private nursing university in Irvine, California.

There are of course many more colleges located in Irvine, these are just a few examples.

For those who have not yet reached higher education, Lake Forest contains 16 schools. Foothill Ranch Elementary School and Trabuco Hills High School are the highest rated elementary and high school in Lake Forest. Saddleback Valley School District is the public-school district which serves Lake Forest.


Part of the reason Southern California has such a high population is due to the fact that it has some of the best weather in the entire country. This area sees summer highs in the 80s, along with winter lows in the 40s. Being close to a beach, the humidity rates are generally high. The average annual humidity is around 65%.


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Storage FacilitiesStorage West has storage facility locations in Mission GorgeLake Forest and Irvine. Check out our Lake Forest facilities page.

Make Your Move

You cannot deny that Lake Forest is in an exciting area. Orange County is home to numerous theme parks, shopping centers and recreational activities. It is also a close drive from the ocean. You can almost never get bored on your days off in this area! Lake Forest and the famous Orange County welcome you with open arms.