Moving to Mission Viejo, California

Many desire to live in Southern California due to the ocean and beautiful weather. Mission Viejo is a town which offers a lot to those who are looking for Southern California living.

Mission Viejo is a town located in Orange County, in the Saddleback Valley next to Lake Forest. It has a population of around 69,000 people, as recorded in 2016.

Mission Viejo was originally bought by a man who called himself “Don Juan”, an Englishman who would later become a Mexican citizen. Originally thought by urban planners to be undevelopable, this city was the last part of Orange County to be urbanized. It was originally used as sheep grazing land.

Later, a man called Donald Bren would propose a master plan to the urbanization of Mission Viejo. He brought forth a geographically-appropriate building plan of Mission Viejo. By 1980, the city of Mission Viejo was fully built, and thus this Orange County city was born.


Like most of Southern California, Mission Viejo hosts a Mediterranean climate. Be wary of the June Gloom which occurs in this city. June Gloom is term to describe when gray clouds hover over a city, with no rain. This is common in Southern California and beach towns. Winter lows seep into the 40s, with summer highs creeping up into the 80s. This mild climate is what makes many people flock to Southern California, in search of bearable summers and winters.

Employment & Cost of Living

Mission Viejo’s cost of living is around 166% higher than the national average. Like much of Southern California, housing prices are what largely drives up the cost of living. Zillow estimates the average home price in this city to be $717,100. Housing prices are around three times the national average. The cost of transportation is also relatively high, with higher gas prices plaguing California. You may want to invest in a more fuel-efficient car if you plan on moving here.

Mission Viejo, as of November 2017, holds a 2.7% unemployment rate. This is lower than Orange County’s August 2017 average of 4.2%. Mission Viejo is a relatively well-off community, with an estimated average household income of $118,830. The average household net worth is $999,019.


  • Gas (Southern California Gas Company)
  • Internet & TV (Cox Communications)
  • Water (El Toro Water District)
  • Trash Collection (Waste Management)
  • Many homes in Southern California are smaller than average, due to high property prices. Many of those living in this region of the country rely on outside storage units to help them store all their belongings. Check out our Mission Viejo Storage Facilities and Locations.

The Mission Viejo DMV Locations. Note; before a new resident car registers a car under the California DMV, the car must undergo an emissions and smog check. California residents must also check their emissions every two years. There are stations advertising smog check services scattered all throughout California, so you should have no trouble finding a station. California requires new residents to register their cars within 20 days of establishing their residency. You also must obtain a driver’s license within 10 days of moving to the state. You need to be weary of these regulations.

Things to Do

Mission Viejo is about a 20-minute drive away from the iconic Laguna Beach. You can spend your summers going to the beach and living it up, SoCal style. Orange County is filled with amusement parks. Mission Viejo is also a 30-minute drive away from Disneyland. You may want to consider getting a Disneyland annual passport if you are planning to live in Orange County. The prices for Disneyland annual passes range from around $360 to $1,149. The cheapest passes only allow for you to visit Disneyland during certain days of the week and year. The most expensive passport allows you to come on unlimited days of the year with no restrictions. The passports also allow for you to do monthly payment plans, if those prices are too high for you to pay all at once. Mission Viejo is also a similar drive away from Knott’s Berry Farm, which is more affordable than Disneyland. Knott’s Berry Farm has significantly cheaper passes, which may be a better option if you want to save money.

Mission Viejo also has its’ own lake, titled Mission Viejo Lake. The lake is manmade and designed for recreational use. The city contains Whiting Ranch Wilderness park, which has 17 miles of hiking trails. There is not much of a nightlife in Mission Viejo. Mission Viejo is a perfect town for family living, but young singles may not feel as fulfilled.  The image on the right is from the Aliso Creek Trail directly behind the Storage West Self Storage facility.


Mission Viejo is a perfect place to raise a family. The town welcomes you, with beautiful weather, nearby beaches and plenty of recreational activities for you and your family to enjoy. Orange County awaits you.


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