Moving to Murrieta, California

Murrieta is a town in Southern California which is rapidly expanding. With a population of 103,466, the population has more than doubled in the past decade. It is the fastest growing city in the state of California. These new residents aren’t attracted to this area for nothing. The town’s housing is extremely affordable, compared to the rest of SoCal. The cheap housing is what makes this area enticing to many middle-class families in California. This is an excellent place to relocate to if you have kids or are looking to start up a family.

About Murrieta

Throughout its’ history, Murrieta has not had a large population. It’s recent population boom has certainly been unexpected. The area was originally bought by a Spanish man in the 1800s, who originally intended to use the area for sheep herding. The original buyer of the land moved back to Spain and handed the land over to his little brother, Juan. His brother used the land to raise 100,000 sheep, which were brought into the area in 1873. Once a train depot was built in the area in 1882, others discovered the area, and many moved to this this area. The population at that point was still relatively small, with around 8,000 people living in Murrieta. The train routes were later taken down and this cut off a large source of the economy in Murrieta.

It was the construction of Interstate 15 in the early 1980s which would save the area. This allowed Murrieta’s population and economy to boom once again.

Many of the city’s restaurants are comprised of food chains. The primary shopping center in Murrieta is the Promenade mall. The city is also located near the beautiful Santa Rosa plateau.


Murrieta has nice homes, which are well priced compared to most of Southern California. The median home price in Murrieta, California is around $400,000. Home prices went up around 4% last year and they are predicted to go up another 4% in the coming year. With Murrieta being such a rapidly growing city, housing prices are expected to go up accordingly.


The school district which predominates Murrieta is Murrieta Valley Unified School District. The top-rated schools in Murrieta are Alamos Elementary School and Vista Murrieta High School. Calvary Chapel Bible College is in Murrieta. This is an Evangelical Christian college which offers biblical and theological studies. There is also an extended branch of Asuza Pacific University in Murrieta, which is also a Christian college.


The unemployment rate in Murrieta is 5.3%. Job growth is predicted to go up around 40 percent within the next 10 years. Jobs are expected to grow in abundance in accordance with the population growth. The largest non-retail employers are Murrieta Valley Unified School district, Southwest Healthcare Systems, the County of Riverside and the Loma Linda University Medical Center. There are not many large companies located in Murrieta, so this may not be the best place to find corporate jobs.


Murrieta has a warm climate, with an average of only 30 days of rain per year. Summer temperatures usually see highs in the hundreds and winter temperatures see highs in the 80s. Southern California generally does not see any snow, so if you enjoy snowy winters; you may want to skip on this area.

One downside to Murrieta is that the pollution there is abundant. The air quality index is moderate and is not recommend to those sensitive to pollution.


Making Your Move

If you decide that this up and coming California town is right for you, then go ahead and move there. With this town’s constantly rising population rates, you’re not going to be alone. Many are choosing to move to this city. Make sure you demonstrate extra caution if you are moving during the summer, which is when most moves occur. Rent a storage unit in the area to make things easier on you. This is a superb town, one which will make your entire family happy. If you’re looking for an affordable way to live in Southern California, Murrieta is a great option.


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