Moving to Santa Ana, California

Do you often complain that you live in a boring area with absolutely nothing exciting to do? Do you envy people who live close to places such as Disneyland? The solution is to move to Orange County! Santa Ana is a city located in Orange County in Southern California, in part of the Greater Los Angeles Area. It has a population of around 330,000 people. Santa Ana is located near some of the most beautiful parts of the Los Angeles area. It is within close proximity of multiple amusement parks and a large number of job opportunities, which make this city a prime destination for someone raising a family.

About the City of Santa Ana

This area was first found by Spanish explorers in 1769. It was named in honor of Saint Anne. Once people realized that the land was fertile, it was used as an agricultural community. The city was officially developed in 1886, with Santa Ana becoming the city’s official moniker.

This city is in Orange County and is adjacent to the cities of Irvine and Costa Mesa. This city is a half hour drive away from Long Beach is a 15-minute drive to Newport beach. Being in the Greater Los Angeles area, you and your family can have a daytrip at some of the most exciting places in America.

Orange county is home to plenty of amusement parks and remarkable things to do. Here are some exciting things which are in or near Santa Ana:

The Santa Ana Zoo – This is a zoo which focuses mostly on animals from Central and South America

Disneyland – Get an annual pass so you can visit Disneyland as much as you want, as Anaheim is only 15 minutes away from Santa Ana.

Adventure City – This is another theme park located in Anaheim. With an admission of $18.95 per person; this is a far cheaper theme park option than Disneyland. This is also a great option for children’s birthday parties.

Heritage Museum of Orange County – This museum in Santa Ana contains restored homes from the 1890s amid vast and beautiful gardens.


The average home price in Santa Ana is around $449,990, which is more affordable than a lot of the Los Angeles area. Home prices are still high, like the vast majority of Southern California. Neighborhoods which are both far North and South of Santa Ana seem to have the best rankings. Meredith Parkwood, Morrisoon-Elridge Par and Thorton Park were ranked as some of the best neighborhoods in Santa Ana.

This city has a violent crime rate which is 7% than the California average, so you may want to be more conscientious about which neighborhood you would like to move to.


The unemployment rate in Santa Ana is 5.1%. Future job growth over the next 10 years is predicted to be around 39%. Orange County’s largest employers include Disneyland, Walmart stores, St. Joseph Health and the Boeing company. The Los Angeles area is teeming with numerous job opportunities, both blue collar and corporate. Some of Santa Ana’s largest employers are the United States Postal Service, Ingram Micro and the County of Orange.


The climate in Santa Ana sees highs in the 80s and lows in the 40s. Southern California is the place to go if you are looking for snow-free winters. Santa Ana is located in an area which is considered to have some of the best weather in the country. Santa Ana sees an annual rainfall of around 13.6 inches.


Santa Ana Unified School District is the prevalent school district in Santa Ana. This district contains 62 schools.

Santa Ana College is a community college located in Santa Ana. This college offers associate’s degrees and vocational certificates. Summit College is also a vocational school in Santa Ana. It seems as though much of Santa Ana’s higher education is centered around vocational degrees. You may want to check out Santa Ana’s neighboring cities for four-year university degrees.

Platt College is also located near Santa Ana, in Anaheim. There is the University of California in nearby Irvine. University of California, Irvine was ranked #42 in the 2018 edition of Best Colleges and it was ranked #9 on the list of the best public universities. It also has an outstanding medical program.


Making Your Move

Santa Ana’s beautiful location and rich history make this Orange County city alluring. If being near some of America’s greatest amusement parks sounds perfect for you, then make your move over to Santa Ana! Our storage unit locations in Santa Ana, Irvine and Anaheim will help your move run more smoothly. Also, go check out our Santa Ana facilities page! With all of the great attractions which are located in this area, you can never be bored. You and your family is going to have a blast fully enjoying all of the local activities which are located near Santa Ana.