Moving to Tempe, Arizona

Tempe is an up and rising city just east of Phoenix, Arizona. Located in the Valley of the sun, Tempe offers unique seasons, with sunny weather all year round. With a population of 161,719; Tempe is a decent sized town, which is neither too quiet or too busy.

Tempe is a hub spot in the Phoenix metro area with tons of things to do! It is home to Arizona State University and contains some of the most exciting things the valley has to offer. Tempe offers a variety of great restaurants and has a bustling nightlife. This makes the city an optimal place for young adults to start up their independent lives. Tempe offers an exceptional quality of life, with lower housing prices and plenty of job opportunities.

About Tempe Arizona

The original inhabitants of this city were the Hohokam, who would abandon the area in 1400s. Once Fort McDowell was established in 1865, this allowed for more cities to be built along the salt river. The settlement would come to be called Tempe in 1879. Territorial Normal school would be established in Tempe in 1885, which would later go on to become Arizona State University.

Nowadays, Tempe is known for its’ university life and many tourist attractions which are located inside Tempe.

Things to do in Tempe

The city contains many tourist areas, such as the Phoenix zoo. If you are a fan of college football, check out the ASU games at Sundevil stadium. There are many nightclubs and bars in Tempe, many of which cater to ASU students. Tempe has many young adults and students residing there, so it’s a great choice for young singles. Tempe also contains the Sea Life aquarium, which has an average rating above four stars in Google reviews.

During the summer, you can take you and your family to Big Surf water park and try to catch the waves! You can also go to Tempe’s history museum, which has information on the history of Tempe and allows for a nice day out.


The median home value in Tempe is $262,000.  In Tempe, it isn’t hard to find a decent sized home for an affordable price. Throughout our research, we could find multiple homes for sale which had three to four bedrooms and their prices were in between around $200,000-$300,000. If you’re looking for affordable housing, Tempe is the place to go!


Tempe is of course home to Arizona State University, as mentioned earlier in this post. ASU contains some of the best research facilities in the nation, along with a highly accredited business school. ASU has an excellent reputation, which is only improving year by year. The largest school districts in Tempe are the Kyrene Elementary school district and Tempe school district.


The Tempe unemployment rate is 3.6%, which is among some of the lowest unemployment rates in the area. The median income for the area is around $48,000. Many of the residents are employed in construction and manufacturing. Although there is a lot of blue-collar work, there are still plenty of opportunities for office jobs in Tempe.

There are plenty of large businesses which are in Tempe. Some of these businesses include LifeLock, Salt River Project, Limelight Networks, First Solar and Circle K. Some of the largest employers in Tempe include Arizona State University, Wells Fargo and State Farm. Tempe is also surrounded by Phoenix and it’s many suburbs. If you were to get a job in Phoenix or its’ surrounding areas, there would not be much of a commute.


Tempe is in a desert, which allows for snow-free winters and extremely harsh summers. Before you move here, you must decide if you would prefer dealing with an unbearably sweltering summer once a year over a winter without any snow. Winter temperatures average between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer months often see daytime temperatures in the hundreds. Keep in mind that Arizona has a generally very dry heat, which makes the heat more bearable than it would be in humidity.

Making the Move

Make sure you try your best to stay hydrated during your move, due to Tempe’s warm climate. Many moves occur during the summer, so make sure to be extra cautious if you are moving during the summer. There is an IKEA located in Tempe, which is a great source of affordable furniture.

Moving doesn’t mean you have to part with any of your stuff. Rent a storage unit in the area to allow you to keep more of your belongings and make the move easier on you! Check out our facilities in Tempe and on Baseline.



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