Moving to Redlands, California

Redlands, California is a city located near San Bernardino which displays a lot of California’s beautiful history. Being one of the oldest cities in California, the city contains multiple buildings from the late 1800s, which allows you to have a piece of California’s rich history right in your own neighborhood. It is part of the greater Los Angeles area and it has a population of 68,747. Redlands is also a short drive to Palm Springs.

About the City of Redlands

Redlands lies in the San Bernardino Valley, a region of Southern California that was originally inhabited by the Cahuilla people and later settled by Spanish missionaries. Redlands itself would not be established until 1888, when it had been cultivated for citrus crops and connected to the outside world by the railroads connecting Salt Lake to San Francisco. The city was eventually named Relands, due to its’ red soil. The construction of these railroads would allow for this city to blossom and thrive.

The city contains many historic structures such as; A.K. Smiley public library, Beverly Ranch, Kimberly Crest and the Morey Mansion. The San Bernardino National Forest is a beautiful place for a scenic drive or a camping trip. You can also take your family to Splash Kingdom waterpark during the summer. You can also make a trip to the Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Palm Springs, for high-end shopping at affordable prices.


Redlands is home to the University of Redlands. It was established in 1907 and has a 67.5% acceptance rate. The university has a promising graduation rate of 73%. It is also relatively small, with only 5,200 students attending this university. With a tuition of $45,000 a year, you may want to search for more affordable options if this is out of your price range.

The town is also home to Loma Linda University, which is a private university which specializes in medical degrees. This school also has a relatively small student population, with only 3,300 students enrolled.

For those who are not in higher education, the city’s main public-school district is Redlands Unified School District. Grove school is a highly ranked charter school in Redlands. Redlands Senior High School and Redlands East Valley High School are public high schools in Redlands with good rankings.


The unemployment rate in Redlands is 3.7%. This is around 20% lower than the national average. There are multiple large companies located in Redlands, including; La-Z Boy headquarters, Five Ten footwear headquarters and a few contracting companies and manufacturing centers. If you do not mind having a commute, there are plenty of job opportunities located all throughout Southern California.


Redlands has great weather all year round. Summers generally see highs in the 90s, with winter lows in the 40s. Like most of SoCal, it does not snow here. A large part of the attraction to Southern California is the temperate climate, with bearable summers and winters which are rarely freezing.

Housing and Crime Rates

The average home price in Redlands is $424,900. This is low, compared to the rest of Southern California. The neighborhoods contain many homes, that are both new and old.

The crime rates in Redlands is higher than average in auto theft, but lower than average in all other areas. The safest neighborhoods in Redlands are Redlands Heights and Warner. Redlands Heights is also among one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Redlands.


Making the Move

If Redlands, California seems enticing to you, then do not hesitate to move here. The low unemployment rates, numerous historic areas and cheap housing prices make moving to this area very tempting. Storage West has plenty of self-storage locations in Redlands, to help you make a smooth transition from your home to Redlands. Take a look at our Redlands and Scripps Ranch facilities.