Home Remodeling: Genius Ways to Maximize Space

So, you’re diving into home remodeling? How exciting!

This is the perfect opportunity to create the space that you’ve always dreamed of — which of course includes ample storage. Even the roomiest abodes can benefit from extra storage space and these creative home remodeling tips will help you make the most of your square footage.

Storage Should be a Place to Start When Remodeling Your Home…Not an Afterthought

Too many homeowners have tackled their home remodeling projects only to realize they didn’t account for storage. This misstep in planning can create a huge headache: even though your space might look awesome, you have nowhere to put your stuff!

Avoid this common issue and make storage space an integral part of your remodeling process. Think about all the items you need to store, for example:

  • Kitchen Equipment – Keep your baking hobby fun and the family fed with ample kitchen storage to tuck away equipment — from mixers to Crock Pots to woks and blenders — when they’re not in use. This also frees up counter space, which is critical for culinary adventures.
  • Gardening or Yard Tools – You might have the best landscaping on the block, but do you have a place to keep rakes, shovels, fertilizer, hoses, etc.? Consider adding hooks to get this equipment out of the way.
  • Cleaning Supplies – No one wants to stare at a row of cleaning supplies all day — mainly because it reminds us of cleaning. You might consider creative ways to hide bleaches, brooms, mops, and rags that still allow for easy access.

Consider Your Home’s Vertical Space

During the home remodeling process, you can easily double the size of your space when you start thinking in terms of cubic footage, rather than square footage. The area above our heads is prime property for additional storage. Here are a few options for vertical thinkers:

  • Install a Loft – If you have high ceilings, you’re in luck! You can certainly use a loft for your bedroom or living room, but it also creates a whole new space for storage.
  • Wall Mount Your Storage – Wall-mounted hooks and racks are an organizing expert’s secret weapons. Nifty wall units can store anything from your favorite cookware in your kitchen to hardware in your garage. Best of all, this approach creates more free space on your counters and in cabinets.
  • Get Creative with Shelving – Built-in floor-to-ceiling shelving is a stunning way to show off your personal style, storing books, family photos, artwork, and more without taking up valuable floor space. Another option are floating shelves to lift your belongings off the floor and give dimension to any room.

Take Full Advantage of Nooks and Crannies

Every home has some awkward corners. Rather than ignoring them, find ways to transform these spaces from out-of-place into fully functional. If it’s near the front door, this can be the perfect place to install a bench or shoe rack, as well as hooks for storing keys, umbrellas, and other items you might grab on your way out the door. Other oft-overlooked spaces full of creative storage opportunities include the notch under the stairs, bay window areas, behind doors, or above a washer and dryer.

Use Your Cabinets and Drawers to Their Full Potential

We say the more cabinets and drawers, the better! Bonus if the cabinets are extra deep.

Amp up the storage space with pull-out trays and Lazy Susans that make it easy to find your favorite saucepan and that one spice you know you got at the store last time. Another idea is to install shelving on the cabinet door itself. This can be a great way to keep smaller objects (think: sponges, steel wool, dish soap) organized.

Trays and dividers can prevent you from ending up with the notorious “junk drawer” — a hodge-podge of random objects haphazardly jostling around in the drawer. People with smaller kitchens may even opt for a two-tier drawer organizer that doubles the space for cutlery, napkins, reusable straws, and anything else you reach for frequently.

Your Home Remodeling Project Might Require Additional Storage

Effective storage should be at the core of your home remodeling project, but it’s totally normal to realize you have more stuff than you originally thought. This might include precious family heirlooms, extra hardware, and tools, business supplies, or bulky seasonal items such as camping gear. Finding the right storage unit for your circumstances can bring you relief, peace of mind and can make home remodeling a much smoother process. Here’s some helpful information about what to ask when renting a storage unit.

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