How to Save Money When Moving Cross-Country

Any move can be stressful. When you’re moving cross-country, the stakes are a bit higher and tensions can definitely escalate. Between securing real estate from thousands of miles away, handing moving expenses and making sure that everything is ready to go; a cross-country move can be a very stressful and harrowing experience if you do not prepare well in advance. Saving money on moving costs is a huge concern for many citizens who make a cross-country move. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save some green when switching coasts. Read on for a look at how you can save money when moving across the country.

Clean House

Before you pack up the moving van it is crucial that you thoroughly clean your house and get rid of any unwanted or largely unused items. This includes furniture, kitchen appliances that get pulled out once per year, your old high school wardrobe and outdated technology such as VCR’s and cassette players. Moving companies will charge you by your total weight of your load, so it is vital that you weed out any unnecessary items in order to save money on your move.

Consider Buying New Items When You Get to Your Desired Location

You may want to consider buying new things for your home once you get to your desired location. For instance, many home owners decide to purchase new furniture once they get to their destination so reduce their total moving costs. While this may seem drastic, many people purchase new furniture when they move into their new home anyhow, and moving costs can far outweigh the cost of purchasing a new love seat or sofa in the long run.

Look Into Storage Pods

Storage Pods are self-storage containers and are a great option for long distant moves. Storage pods can be shipped to your destination so that it is there when you arrive. They often cost less than hiring movers, and pods offer a safe and easy alternative to a stressful moving day.

Travel Costs

If you are moving cross-country, your travel costs will vary depending on how you plan to move. Some people will load a rental truck with all their belongings and hit the long road cross-country. Others will hire long-distance movers and fly to their destination. It is important that you weigh the costs. While the DIY option is appealing to many people, it is important that you weigh in other expense factors such as lodging and gas. Keep in mind that if you hire movers, they will likely charge you for gas mileage and by the weight of your load.

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