Specialty Units – Escondido

Our Storage West facility in Escondido has a new kind of specialty unit we’d like to tell you about. Many of our properties in the San Diego area offer vehicle storage but at this particular property you’ll find options better than just parking spaces. The Escondido property now offers fully enclosed units designed specifically for storing an automobile.


Our resident manager Tim is pictured here showing off one of these choice units. This unit is large enough to store a car, a couple motorcycles, or even a dune buggy. The floor is sealed and painted and shelving and cabinetry are provided for your use. You can park your car and leave your accessories right there along with it. There’s plenty of space to organize your gadgets and accouterments.

If you are a car enthusiast and only the best will do for your baby, then look no further than Storage West Escondido. Our staff would love to show you around and help you pick out the best unit for your needs. Rest assured that your Betsy, Beast, or Lola will enjoy their stay in a unit designed specifically for them.

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