Spring Cleaning on a Schedule

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There’s something about spring that inspires the need to put things in order. The growth of new plants, the appearance of baby animals, the warmth in the air – they all have a way of making things feel brand new, and we want our homes to feel that way, too.

One mistake that a lot of people make when they set out to do their spring cleaning is trying to do it all in a day, or in a single weekend. A true spring cleaning is a top-to-bottom affair that takes in the whole house. Because it often includes things like shampooing carpets and waxing floors, it’s best to take a methodical approach. Here are some tips to help you do that.

  1. Start by making a list of everything that needs to be done. The more detailed you are, the easier it will be to get all of your cleaning completed in a timely manner. Make special notes if you have things that need to be professionally cleaned, such as Oriental rugs and other fine objects.
  2. Write out a schedule that works for you. If you think you would prefer to do all of the dusting and vacuuming in a single day, then schedule it that way. Alternatively, you might want to tackle one room at a time, cleaning it thoroughly before moving on to the next.
  3. Before beginning, take an inventory of your cleaning supplies, including rarely-used items such as grout, furniture polish, and so on. Make a trip to the hardware store or grocery store to get what you need.
  4. In general, it’s a good idea to clean any room from the top down. In other words, you will want to dust corners, windows, and ceiling fans before you vacuum, and vacuum before you shampoo the carpets. Dust from up above will fall down, so if you do it in reverse you may end up having to repeat yourself. The same goes for polishing furniture. If you dust first, you won’t have to worry about your newly-polished furniture getting covered.
  5. Pick a nice day to do things like take upholstery outside to beat the dust out of it, shake out area rugs, and wash the windows. A good spring cleaning usually includes paying some attention to the outside of your home, too, so make sure to work that into your schedule.
  6. It may be helpful to schedule your least favorite task early on if it’s one that can be done at any time. For example, if you really dislike the thought of washing and ironing all the curtains, take them down early – just make sure that you get your dusting done before you put them back up.
  7. If you are switching out winter bedding such as flannel sheets, wash everything and use plastic storage bags to store them. They’ll be fresh and ready for you when the cool weather rolls around again.
  8. Enlist help from your family. Spring cleaning can be a wonderful bonding experience if everybody pitches in. Even small children can help by beating the dust out of sofa cushions or sorting through their toys and clothes.
  9. Build plenty of breaks into your schedule. The point of spring cleaning is to make you feel good about your home, not to wear you out. One of the benefits of not trying to do it all in one weekend is that you can take your time and do everything properly while still having some free time.

Spring cleaning is a big job, but if you take the time to plan it out, you can get everything done without putting undue stress on yourself and your family.

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