spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning Starts with Organization

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning organization is key to success. Whether you’re an old hand at this ritual or this is the first time you’ll be doing a thorough cleaning, you should start by getting all your ducks in a row. Organization will reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning.

A Spring Cleaning List to Keep Your Organized

While not everyone needs a spring cleaning list to stay organized, it can help you decide the why and what of your cleaning process before you do anything else.

There are several different approaches to spring cleaning. The most obvious is doing a deep cleaning of every room of your house. However, some will want to take this time to sort through stuff and declutter all or some of the closets, storage areas, and rooms. Lastly, you may want to re-imagine your various storage and organizational systems, updating and improving them.

What are realistic goals? That’s what should top your spring cleaning list.

Assemble Your Spring Cleaning Organization Tools

As the day for cleaning approaches, collect all the supplies you will need for cleaning. A bucket or cleaning tote with cleaning solutions, rags, sponges, gloves, and paper towels is a good start. This can travel with you from room to room.

Another option is to create a cleaning station for each room that includes the specific items needed. To encourage decluttering, you may want to position large garbage bins, recycling bins and “give-away” boxes in common areas.

Determine Your Options for Decluttering During Spring Cleaning

For the most meaningful spring cleaning, you want to declutter and organize in addition to scrub and sweep. It will help to bring together boxes, tubs, and labels for sorting things. You may want bins to bring together similar items for later organization. It will also help to have bins for items that are being donated or sold later.

You may also want to find out your options for disposing of things. Does your city have large trash pickup at certain times of the year? What days can you make donations to thrift stores? Is your neighborhood planning a group yard sale that you could join?

You shouldn’t invest heavily in new organizational items until you finish the deep clean. You don’t want to buy something only to discover you don’t need it. Instead, while cleaning and decluttering, keep an eye out for organizational tools you already have.

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Make Your Final Spring Cleaning Plan

Using your tablet or an actual pad of paper, make a list of what needs to be done in each room. This may require a walk-thru of your home, but much of it is probably in your head already. Your cleaning plan should be as detailed as you need to make sure you don’t miss anything.

As you write out your spring cleaning list, decide your plan of attack. Perhaps you prefer to finish one room at a time. Will you start with the worst area in the worst room? Some people prefer to start with the neatest rooms because they require the least decluttering before cleaning.

Perhaps you find it easier to lump things together: all the ceiling fans, all the windows, all the floors, all the tile, etc. Take into account any pretreatment time for certain tasks as well as how long it will take for things to dry. You don’t want the hall floors to still be wet when the kids come tromping through from school.

Be sure to clearly assign tasks to everyone in the family. Having a written or printed schedule that shows who is doing what and when will reduce arguments later.

Taking the time to organize and plan will take a lot of the stress out of spring cleaning, turning it into an efficient and satisfying experience. If you decide to rent a storage unit from Storage West, you’ll appreciate the free move-in truck. Be sure to schedule well in advance to make sure you can get the truck when you need it.

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