Tiny House Storage Ideas: How Some Make This Lifestyle Choice Work for Them

The Tiny House Movement has been growing over the past few years. TV shows, news reports, and even DIY blueprints are popping up everywhere. It used to seem unthinkable that a couple could live in such a small space. Now there are tiny house villages and even planned communities. The trend seems to be everywhere.

What is a Tiny House?

Today’s Tiny House is defined as less than 500 square feet, although some would include those homes up to 600 square feet. However, those sizes are larger than most Tiny Houses today. It may be as little as 120 or 150 square feet. You can compare that to a more typical 1600 square-foot home, the median size in the U.S.

Everything is built to be compact, but the homeowner has everything they need: kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. They don’t have much more than that, but typically they don’t mind spending more time outside. The yard is their living room, dining room, and, of course, recreational area.

This lifestyle has been promoted by personal blogs as well as by television and YouTube. HGTV has four reality TV programs about this subject, and the FYI Network has two.
Many people who choose this living style want to own their home, and they see this as a way of staying out of debt. In many cases, they can build the home themselves, reducing the cost of construction.

Is Tiny House Storage Adequate for Daily Living?

As you might imagine, finding places to store belongings is a priority when you are living in a few hundred square feet of space. Most tiny home designs incorporate ingenious storage solutions into the walls, stairs, and floor of the house itself. Still, residents come up with even more ideas for storing stuff once they move in.

The key to living simpler really is organization above all else. If everything has a place, then you have what you need when you need it.

If you don’t have enough space in your home, the solution is simple. A storage unit can handle your overflow. This is the place where you can keep all of your seasonal decorations, your big collection of memorabilia, and your grandmother’s furniture.

20 Tips for Tiny Home Storage

This video walks you through 20 ideas for Tiny Home living. It’s fun to watch whether you are contemplating this lifestyle or if you’ve ever wondered how people live in such a small space:

For the truly innovative, here’s an idea for storing off-season clothing right in plain sight — and you can use this idea in any storage-deprived home, tiny or not:

What ideas do you have for storage in small living spaces?

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