Air Conditioned Storage

Air conditioned storage is different from air cooled – with air conditioning the temperature of the air is lowered.

Some items are susceptible to changes in climate and would therefore benefit from being stored in an area where the temperature is cooled.

The additional benefit of these units is that they are enclosed and protect your valuables from dust, vermin, insects, rust, corrosion, mold etc.

Examples of items that may benefit from a cooled storage environment include antiques, paintings, art objects, heirlooms, rare furniture, classic cars, books, clothing, records, electronics, glass, leather, wine etc.

If your items to be stored are delicate and valuable, of sentimental value or if you need to store for an extended period then you may want to consider air conditioned storage. This will give you extra piece of mind.

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We also have air cooled units available.

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