Here For You Guarantee Details


Free Moving Boxes

  • You will receive a set of 3 boxes: one small, medium and large box at no charge
  • In addition to the three free boxes a roll of tape is included
  • The free box trio is a one-time offer, when you move in


Double the Miles with Our Move-in Truck

  • Here’s what you get FREE!
  • Use our move-in truck up to 7 hours to move into your storage unit.
  • The mileage allowance is doubled up to 60 miles. (a charge of .50 per each additional mile will apply)
  • Gas included. (no need to refill the tank)

The Fine Print

  • Driver must be 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and current proof of auto liability insurance.
  • Signing our standard truck use rental agreement is required.
  • Only the person who signs the truck use agreement is allowed to drive the truck.
  • This offer is only valid for use of the truck on the day you move into your unit.
  • Move-in truck cannot be used to move out of your unit.
  • Storage West has the sole discretion to deem any driver unfit or unqualified to drive our truck.
  • Please read truck use rental agreement for the full terms and conditions.



Rent Online

  • With our Here for You Guarantee, you have the added convenience of renting your storage unit online on our website.
  • Just fill in the blanks on the electronic Rental Agreement form, tender payment and click to submit.
  • Must be 18 to rent.
  • To access your unit for the first time you’ll need to stop at rental office during office hours to give the manager a copy of your driver’s license and select your gate code.


Property Damage Payment up to $3000

  • Storage West guarantees that so long as you pay your rent when due, Storage West will provide the Storage Unit to you free of defects and Storage West will maintain the building where the Storage Unit is located in good condition, including the walls, floors, roof, pipes, drains, fixtures, electrical, mechanical and security systems.
  • If your items are damaged or stolen for reasons within Storage West’s control, including the condition of the Facility, Storage West’s negligence or breach of contract, Storage West will pay you what the goods were worth just before they were damaged or stolen, or the cost to repair them, whichever is less, up to $3,000.
  • Storage West will work with you in good faith to promptly pay you what is owed.
  • Storage West’s Guarantee is not insurance and will not be reduced by any insurance you may have on your stored item.
  • Storage West’s liability for damaged or stolen goods will not exceed $3,000 regardless of cause.
  • Storage West will not be liable for damage or theft of your stored items caused by anything outside of Storage West’s control.
  • No payment for damage or loss of goods will be made if you fail to secure the storage unit with a disc or cylinder lock.
  • You may obtain property insurance to protect yourself against risks not assumed by Storage West – check with your insurance agent. The Here for You Guarantee applies only to your goods in the Storage Unit that you are allowed to store per your Rental Agreement. Storage West will not be liable for items outside of your Storage Unit, including vehicles.
  • Property Damage Payment Procedure: This procedure is provided to resolve your payment request quickly and fairly. If you wish to receive payment under the Here for You Guarantee for damage or theft of your stored items, you must notify your Facility manager within 10 days after discovering the theft or damage, or 5 days after you vacate the Storage Unit, whichever occurs first. The Facility manager will give you a Here for You Guarantee Payment Request form to complete and return. You represent that all information you submit will be truthful, accurate and complete, and you will communicate promptly and reasonably cooperate in good faith with Storage West to ensure that your request is processed quickly and fairly. Storage West will review all the required information and determine if you are eligible for payment, and the amount. To receive payment, you will be required to sign and return a liability release form, then Storage West will mail you a check within 15 days. To be eligible for a Here for You Guarantee payment, you must complete and return all the required forms within 90 days. You may appeal any decision per the Storage West Dispute Resolution Program.


Free Faxing & Scanning

  • 10 page limit on faxing and scanning.
  • May not be used to send unsolicited faxes or emails.
  • May not be used for solicitation purposes.
  • No obscene content.
  • Customer is solely responsible for the content of all scanned materials in accordance with applicable laws.
  • Storage West is not responsible for errors in dialing or sending faxed or scanned documents.
  • Does not guarantee that document transmission is confidential for outgoing faxes or scans of documents.
  • Assumes no responsibility for content that is faxed or scanned.
  • Is not responsible for any damage or loss of data or consequent damage arising out of faxing or scanning.
  • Is not responsible for any type of document left at the storage facility office.
  • Is not responsible for the successful transmission of outgoing faxes or scans. Customer to verify receipt of document(s).