Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas You’ll Want to Implement Right Away


Chefs and bakers are always on the lookout for brilliant kitchen storage ideas. That’s because a clean kitchen means a happy cook — there’s nothing quite as stressful as digging through drawers and cupboards for your favorite saucepan, spice, or spatula.

Kitchen Storage Solutions for a Modern Aesthetic

It’s never been more modern to have everything looking lean and clean. If that’s your goal, these kitchen storage ideas can transform even the most cramped quarters.

Install a Pull-Out Pantry

Kitchens without a built-in pantry are left with a serious storage conundrum. Instead of leaving your Cheerios, spice collection, and canned goods on the counter for all to see, tuck them away in a pull-out pantry. All you need to do to triple your pantry storage space is install some rolling shelves in a couple of cabinets. Wider cabinets can be used for larger boxes (such as cereal) and smaller cabinets can be used for small jars and spices. Then, when you go searching for some snacks or specific ingredients, the shelves easily glide out so you can easily find what you need.

Or a Pull-Out Cutting Board!

Savvy slicers will appreciate a conveniently located cutting board, especially if it’s located right above the trash for seamlessly discarding scraps. When not in use, the cutting board slides back into your counter — no need to find a storage space!

Don’t Forget About the Top Shelves

Too often, the cabinets near the ceiling (often above a range hood or refrigerator) aren’t used to their highest potential. This is unfortunate as these cabinets are prime real estate for lesser-used items, such as seasonal dishes or that juicer you use once every blue moon.

You can extend sky-high storage, too, adding floating shelves to the tops of windows or hugging the ceiling. This solution adds more valuable shelving for your cookbook library or décor and creates the illusion that your ceilings are higher.

Consider Wall Mounting Pots, Pans, Cleaning Supplies, Etc.

Tired of cramped cabinets? Want to show off your favorite cookware? Wall-mounted racks, hooks, and pegs are the perfect answer.

Install a row of hooks above your stove to store utensils and the pans you use most often. If you do have a pantry, you can install a pegboard to tuck away cleaning supplies, such as brooms, dustpans, and sprays. You might even consider mounting a dish rack above your sink for fewer puddles and more counter space. Get creative with the possibilities!

Magnetic Shelves are Another Creative Option

The front of your refrigerator isn’t only for straight-A report cards and witty magnets. You can also get magnetized baskets and shelves for some unexpected, but totally useful storage. It’s great for keeping condiments, such as cooking oil, salt, and pepper nearby. Some nifty magnetized storage systems even include a rack for paper towels or a whiteboard for shopping lists.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Glass Jars

A kitchen cabinet that’s overflowing with pasta boxes and baking ingredients can frustrate even the most seasoned chef. Bring some much-needed organization with glass jars to house dry goods, including rice, different pasta shapes, flour, sugar, oats, and more. Bonus points if you dust off the old label maker to clearly designate what goes in each jar.

Need Something Beyond These Kitchen Storage Ideas?

Although these are some brilliant kitchen storage ideas, you might still need some extra room. That’s where we can help you out! Our storage facilities across the Southwest are pristine and secure, freeing up space for your next cooking experiment or dinner party.

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