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RV Storage Ideas: Finding Space for the Things You Need

storage space

When you live life in an RV, you have to learn to travel light.  The best RV storage ideas start with decluttering, prioritizing, and organizing the contents of your motorhome.  

Space is always an issue in an RV, and it takes creativity to get everything to fit.  You want to be able to maintain a fairly uncluttered living space since it is so small.  Even so, it needs to be easy to find lesser-used, but necessary items. It also needs to be fairly easy to retrieve these items.  Take these steps toward an easier lifestyle in your RV. 

Sorting Day: Empty the RV Shelves and Cabinets

Whether it’s day one or day 1,001 of living the RV lifestyle, you need to take stock of what you own.  In an RV, it’s often the little things that get in the way. A good rule of thumb before you start a trip is to empty the RV’s contents and make an assessment. Some people do this monthly when they are on the road to avoid clutter.

As you sort, consider your limited storage space. How many of each item do you need? For that matter, do you need it at all?

Keep a running list of items. You can type it into your phone, tablet, or laptop.  This may help you identify what you have. This reduces the chance of duplication.  For each new thing you want to bring, you should try to take something out. This is a good rule to establish for everyone in the family.  

On your list of items, assign them to categories and decide where it’s best to keep that category.  The lines between bedroom, living area, and kitchen are blurred in an RV. So the storage of items is bound to be as well. Instead of thinking of who uses it or where it is used, think in terms of how often it is used.

Next Steps: RV Storage Hacks, Storage Bins, and More

Before you put anything back or even decide where it goes, assemble all of your organizational tools in one place.  This includes larger bins for the overhead compartments and smaller bins for RV storage drawers. You may be able to use boxes and suitcases in the outside storage area, depending on its size. Make sure you identify all RV hideaway storage and include it in your planning.

Perhaps the best RV storage ideas start with keeping an open mind and thinking creatively. What do you already own that can be used in the RV.  For instance, if you have an over-the-door shoe bag, you can utilize it for organizing toiletries. 

One clever RV hack is to attach magnets to your cutting board and then attach a metal plate under your cabinet.  This puts it up and out of the way without taking space from other items. Counter space is limited, and everything you can do to secure items close at hand, but out of the way, will make your RV kitchen organization more effective.

Some of the most helpful items are small and inexpensive. You can add hooks to hang up everything you can. Hang the flashlight by the door and the scrub brush in the bathroom. Put hooks inside the cabinet and closet doors. Other RV hanging storage can drop down from the ceiling, affixed to hooks. In addition to baskets, homemade or purchased small hammocks can be used.

Once you’ve determined all the creative ways you can tackle organization, you may want to invest in some items that are either easy to store or provide space-saving storage.  There are collapsible kitchen items, including bowls, teapots, and colanders.  Nesting or fold-a-way items take less space, too.

Giving Up Your House

If you are giving up your house and making the RV your full-time home, you don’t have to throw away or give away everything you own.  You can rent a storage unit and decide exactly what you need for the road. With a safe place for your extra belongings, you won’t have to give up everything to handle living in a small space. In fact, you should consider keeping your furniture and other expensive items for the inevitable day when you decide to settle down in one place again.

Whether you need storage while you are on the road with your RV or you need to store the RV itself, Storage West is here to help.  You’ll find the right storage unit in select areas in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas

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