Storage West Business Conference and Awards Dinner 2010

Awards Dinner 2010

Check out this photo from our Awards Dinner 2010:

Storage West Employees 2010

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Want to see more photos? Check out the links below! We’ve uploaded lots of pictures to Flickr.

The pictures from Day One show everyone arriving to the Los Angeles Athletic Club. You’ll also see some of our award winners. Mike Loza (Rookie of the Year) is there as well as many other Managers including Jeanne, Shawn and Amber Higgs, Kevin and Laura Fairchild, and Carlos and Ava too.  You’ll also get to see a few more pictures from when we gathered on the basketball court for the company group photo.

In addition to the award photos on Day One you’ll also get to see our pin recipients. We like to reward our Managers who have reached milestones with Storage West. Longevity and loyalty are very important to us.

If you click on Pictures from Day Two you’ll see everyone gathering for breakfast the following morning. After that everyone headed into the ballroom for training and presentations. Our Managers had the privilege of hearing some wonderful speakers including Carla Grose and John Wilson. John led a panel of our District Managers including: Frank, Patti, Brad, and Russ.

Hope you enjoy!

Pictures From Day OnePictures From Day Two

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