Before You Store Your Car

Car storage is a big part of the self-storage industry. There are any number of reasons you might be storing your car. These are just a few:

  • Antique roadsters and other fair-weather vehicles may need protection from winter elements.
  • You’re going on an extended trip or vacation and need to leave your vehicle behind.
  • You inherit a car that you don’t need to use but aren’t ready to sell.
  • You buy a new car and want to save the old for you soon-to-be driving offspring.

Before you put your car away in a garage or storage unit, watch this video for some important tips on how to prepare it. Whether you’re putting it away for a few weeks or for a few months, you want it to be protected and you want it to be ready to drive when you get it out of storage.

There are a lot of different things you can do to make sure your car will do well during the time that it is in storage. Both the inside of the car and the outside of the car will need special attention. Of course under the hood is a major area to focus on as well. Check this out and get setup for storage:

Prepare a Car for Extended Storage

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