How to Store Your Mattress Safely

There is more to storing a mattress than simply placing it in a storage unit. If you want the mattress to be clean and usable when you need it, you’ll have to take special care with it before you store. You’ll also need to make sure that you place it properly within your storage unit. Here are some tips that can help you ensure that your mattress is in good condition when you take it out of storage.


Clean the Mattress

The first thing you should do before storing your mattress is clean it thoroughly. The best method to use is to start with upholstery cleaner to clean the mattress itself. Give the mattress time to dry after you clean it. Then, vacuum it on both sides to remove debris.

Cover the Mattress

The next step is to invest in a mattress cover. It is very important not to use thick, impermeable plastic as it may trap moisture and encourage the growth of mold. You can get a mattress cover made of thin, breathable plastic for $10 or less at Storage West locations.

It is very important to give your mattress time to dry before putting it in the case. Even a tiny bit of moisture can damage your mattress.

Transport the Mattress

After you have cleaned and dried the mattress and put it in its case, the next step is to move it.

Do not tie the mattress to the roof of your car for transport. Not only do you run the risk of superficial damage and tears to the mattress cover, but the pressure of sitting on top of the car might bend the mattress and ruin it.

Instead, borrow our free moving truck, rent a moving truck, or lay the mattress flat in the back of a pickup truck. In a moving truck, you may transport the mattress on its side if you have other items to move, too.

Store the Mattress Properly

You may have read that it is acceptable to store a mattress on its side. However, that’s not the best case scenario.

The best position for a mattress in long-term storage is lying flat. Storing it in this manner will allow the mattress to hold its shape. You should not put anything on top of the mattress, either. Heavy boxes or other furniture might damage the springs and structure of the mattress, rendering it unusable.

Instead, if you have other items going into your storage unit, stack them as neatly as possible. Once you have them stacked, you can lay the mattress flat on top of the other items. Make sure that the items beneath are supporting the entire mattress.


Remove the Mattress from Storage

When you’re ready to take your mattress out of storage, you’ll need to freshen it up to get it ready to use. The best way to do that is to sprinkle both sides of the mattress with baking soda and let it sit to absorb odors. Then, vacuum both sides of the mattress and it will be ready to use.


There’s no reason that your mattress can’t survive a long stint in storage in good condition if you follow these simple steps.

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