Storing Art in a Self Storage Unit

Whether you are in the middle of a move, or simply do not have enough wall space in your home, it sometimes becomes necessary to house some of your most prized art pieces in a self-storage unit. When storing art in a self-storage unit, preparation and organization are vital to ensuring that your art work stays safe and well preserved. Read on for a look at how you can store your art work in a self-storage unit while keeping your prized possessions safe and well preserved.

Air Cooled or Air Conditioned Storage Units

If you’re considering storing your prized art work in a self-storage unit, you may want to inquire about air cooled or air conditioned storage units. Air cooled or conditioned storage units help keep your art work and other possessions in prime condition as they keep your belongings at room temperature. By storing at a reasonable temperature, you can avoid mold, moisture and damage from severely cold and hot weather. Rather than leaving your art work’s posterity up to chance, be sure to protect it with an air cooled or air conditioned unit.

Keep Your Most Valuable Items in the Back of Your Storage Unit

Another excellent way that you can help enhance the life of your art work while in storage is to store your art work in the back of your storage unit. This works well because your prized possessions will likely not slide or shift if stored in the back, is away from your traffic path if you are moving things in and out, and your art is most secure in the rear of your storage unit.

Avoid Plastic or Newspaper Coverings

When you’re moving or storing items, it is common to use plastic or newspaper to wrap up items to keep them safe while in transit or in storage. When it comes to storing art, you want to stay far away from plastic wrap and newspapers. Unless you are storing photographs, which should be kept in an airtight plastic container, you never want to wrap art in plastic wrap because moisture can accumulate inside and damage your work. Newspaper is also not a good idea because the print of the periodical could stain your art and render it unattractive. When storing art work, consider securing mirrors of framed art work by wrapping them in sheets and blankets. There are also customer made shelves and boxes that you can purchase to safely store your precious art pieces.

If you have questions about storing art or any other items, talk to the Manager and staff at the facility.  At Storage West, service is a priority.

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