Storing Valuables

Keep Your Heirlooms Safe With These Tips on Storing Valuables

Storing Valuables

Whether retiring or simply reducing their carbon footprint, many people are choosing to downsize from their large home to a more space-efficient residence.  This is a popular and feasible option, but sometimes it creates a problem: how will the homeowner handle storing valuables, especially favorite heirlooms?

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can safely store your heirlooms. You don’t have to risk damaging your precious antiques, breaking your favorite keepsakes, or harming your favorite collections. 

Storing Valuables Correctly is Key

The key to storing valuables starts with the right container. Beyond that, it is how the item is wrapped and where it is kept. If you plan for it to remain in storage for some time or are packing it to move, you can get expert moving supplies from Storage West.

Specialty Boxes

No matter the type of heirloom you are trying to store, there is a specialty box that can contain it. From photographs to linens, these boxes are specially designed to maintain the life and beauty of your most prized heirlooms. They are great for organizing valuable photographs, too.

You can even have a box custom-made. That way you can rest easy knowing your prized possessions are securely tucked away from harm’s way.

Rubber Totes

If you don’t feel you need a specialized container, there are rubber totes in a variety of sizes, colors, and varieties. These can easily and securely store many different types of objects. At our storage units, we have noticed that totes are favored because they can easily be stored and stacked. This makes them useful in a closet, in a storage room, or in another free space in your home. 

Packing Materials

For breakable or crushable items, special care must be taken with packing materials. It starts with a structured box that can prevent crushing. Within that, there needs to be extra padding on the bottom. At that point, it comes down to how each piece is wrapped and how much weight could bear down on it if the box is moved.

Brown paper, while potentially effective for some breakables, will need to be supplemented with packing peanuts. Bubble wrap is often the best way to protect glass and china, and it may be worth it to invest in several rolls if you are storing valuables such as these.  

On a move, you may be packing with your extra sheets and towels. These are commonly used to wrap around paintings to protect the glass.  However, if this is for long-term storage, you may need to use something more professional. 

Curio Case

If you love to show off your family’s history, heirlooms, or treasures, there is no better way to store your heirlooms than to invest in a curio case. Curio cases show off your valuables in a highly visible and attractive manner and come in a variety of styles and sizes. These are also available on social media marketplaces at used furniture prices. 

Storing Valuables in a Self-Storage Unit

Once your valuables are safely packed away, should they go in the garage, the basement, or the attic?  If those are your choices, we assure you that a self-storage unit is an excellent place to keep them.  You don’t want to leave valuable items exposed to attic heat, to the comings and goings of a garage, or to the humidity in a basement. 

Storage units are a good solution when you are worried about valuable antiques getting damaged or destroyed in your smaller living space. Storage units come in a variety of sizes and can fit just about any antique collector’s needs.

When moving, it is common to utilize a storage unit for storing valuable items allowing a person to focus on the everyday essentials for the move without worrying about the security of their heirlooms or art investments. Also, it is common to use a storage unit for storing valuables when they are relocating an older relative from a home to a nursing facility. In a third example, storage units are often used to protect an individual’s special collection or recent inheritance of furniture and packed items.  

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