This is No Ordinary Camper

It used to be that campers were strictly utilitarian vehicles, designed to get people from one spot to another and provide them with a sheltered place to sleep. That’s no longer the case.

We have some clients at Storage West who store their RV’s and Campers  prior to taking off on their trips.  One thing that we’ve learned is that camper living isn’t what it used to be. The Living Vehicle 2020 is a case in point.

What is the Living Vehicle?

The Living Vehicle 2020, or LV2020 for short, is something its manufacturer describes like this:

Net-Zero vehicle capable of supporting the best possible human life.

The best way we can describe it is to say that it’s a luxury apartment disguised as a camper. Some of its key features include:

  • Automotive-grade lithium battery
  • Solar power
  • Redesigned shell made of 100% aluminum
  • Integrated, self-supporting deck
  • Sleeps up to 6 people comfortably
  • Solar-powered appliances
  • Oversized windows and skylights
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Private home theater

The LV2020 is designed to be much more than a camper. The intention is for it to be a fully sustainable home equipped with luxury items to make life as comfortable as possible.

The Zero-Waste Space

The thing that we find most compelling about the LV2020 is that it is a zero-waste living space. Let’s talk about what that means.

In general terms, zero-waste means that:

  • The LV2020 is designed for off-the grid living. It generates its own power and stores it in a lithium battery.
  • The LV2020 produces no water waste, recycling everything after use.
  • The LV2020 has the power to collect and convert solar power, so you can live off the grid indefinitely

Climate change is in the news and a source of growing concern and alarm for anybody who’s paying attention. The LV2020 offers a look at a potential solution for our ongoing crisis of natural resources.

If you’re looking to downsize your living space without sacrificing comfort, and you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint, the LV2020 offers a solution to both issues.

Luxury Features of the LV2020

There are some special features that make the LV2020 different from every other camper on the market. These include:

  • A removable kitchen island that you can put outdoors in good weather
  • The extendable deck can support up to 1,500 pounds and is large enough for entertaining, cooking, or lounging
  • Space-saving features, including a second bed in the dining room area and a “Euro Loft” that sleeps two people
  • Apple and Samsung products included for complete connectivity
  • Walnut shower

It’s designed to be used in remote areas and be totally self-sustainable. It has also been designed to withstand severe weather, including extreme cold, heavy rain, heavy snow, and high heat.


Anybody who’s concerned about sustainable, off-the-grid living should consider the housing possibilities of the LV2020. We suspect that vehicles like this one will become increasingly popular as we look for ways to help the planet.

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