Tips For Boat Storage – Video

Wondering how to store your boat for the winter and protect it from the harsh weather.  Take a look at this video which will give guidance on storing your boat until those lazy days of summer returns and you are back on water.

Winter Boat Storage

Man: When the fall hunting season arrives, many of us boat owners forget about our fishing rigs and just park them in the back yard until our next fishing trip.

Woman: In our part of the country, our coldest months of the year come after most hunting seasons are closed, so we don’t use our boats for another few months.

Man: Whether it’s winter or summer, most outboards don’t perform well after long periods of inactivity. We talked with Jerry Pettipher about preparing out boats and motors for periods of long storage.

Jerry Pettipher: If you’re going to store your boat for an extended period of time, one of the things we like to see is that, you know, put stabilizer in your fuel and run the engine with the stabilizer in the fuel. Or in the small engines, run the fuel out of the motor. We’d like to see you charge your battery so your batteries will still be good when we get through.

Woman: And what about boats exposed to freezing temperatures?

Jerry Pettipher: In South Louisiana, we don’t have to have as extensive a storage and winter preparation as they do up North. We need to tilt the motor so the water runs out the engine, and we need to make sure that the bilge and the livewells are dry.

Man: And what if you have a motor that’s set up for an extended period of time? This is what Jerry has to say.

Jerry Pettipher: If you have a motor that’s set for an extended period of time and you didn’t put any stabilizer in the fuel, you probably need to clean the carburetors or the fuel injection system and the fuel injection pump, get the fuel system working properly so it doesn’t damage your engine when you run it.

Woman: Jerry suggests you don’t fill your gas tank before storing your boat. The reason is you will need fresh gas come Spring, and old gas is difficult to dispose of.

Man: if you’re unsure of your motor’s condition or experience running problems, then get it to a dealer for service before serious problems develop.

Woman: With your outdoor report, I’m Susan…

Man: And I’m Maury.

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