Thanks giving decoration ideas

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas and Other Tips for a Happy Holiday

Thanksgiving decoration ideas don’t have to be overly complicated or off the wall. From gourds and cornucopias to seasonal colors and fall foliage, Thanksgiving décor is fun and traditional, intended to celebrate the abundance of the season and reflect on what you’re thankful for from the past year.

If you’re playing host this year, here are several Thanksgiving decoration ideas to consider as you prepare your home for a festive holiday with family and friends.

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas: Seasonal Touches Around the House

  • Entryway – Dispose of the fake cobwebs and Jack-O-Lanterns of Halloween in favor of a welcoming seasonal wreath on the door and complementary autumnal doormat. Add some extra festive flair with dried florals, which help evoke a fall feeling.
  • Living room – Time to add some forest green, oranges, rust, and other autumnal shades to your home’s main gathering spot. Consider wrapping a leafy garland around your staircase and decorate your mantel with seasonal favorites like cornucopias, leaves, pumpkins, straw, wheat, or corn.
  • Guest room – Give visiting family or friends a hint of the season in the guest room with touches like a vase of flowers, fall foliage, or an autumnal wreath placed on the door or wall. Layer in additional pillows, blankets, and throws for an extra cozy feel. Don’t forget that splash of seasonal colors like rust, mustard, burgundy, or plum.
  • Fall-scented candles – Autumn leaves. Pumpkin spice. Cinnamon. Vanilla. Add some festive olfactory fun to your holiday set up with an assortment of scented candles sprinkled around your home. They add to the seasonal ambiance and can provide a soothing effect for you and your guests. Remember to be careful with your candles and open flames to avoid any fire-related accidents or injuries.
  • Blankets and throw pillows – Consider bringing out an assortment of blankets and throw pillows to fight off any fall chill. Plus, they can come in handy following dinner when everyone wants to take a Thanksgiving nap.
  • Kids’ decorations – Have your kids created cardboard cornucopias or finger-painted hand-shaped turkeys at school? Highlight some of that parental pride and showcase your kids’ crafty seasonal creations. Perhaps a designated display area in a high-traffic area or overload your refrigerator. You may even consider sprinkling your kids’ decorations throughout the house.
  • Table settings – The sky’s the limit with your table settings. Depending on the mood and tone, you can lean more formal with pricy plates and silverware or more casual. Regardless, you won’t go wrong with a classic cornucopia centerpiece and candles to set the mood. While there are additional options for table décor, Thanksgiving is about family and food. If you’re on a budget or just stumped for table setting ideas, let the food be the décor. After all, among the plates, silverware, glasses, and food, your table may not have much room left for any other décor.
  • Centerpiece – There are countless options for your Thanksgiving centerpiece. You can stick with the classic cornucopia, with its celebration of abundance, or showcase the harvest season in other ways with seasonal items like gourd and squash accents with autumn leaves and pinecones. For a simpler seasonal flair, try a bundle of wildflowers in a hollowed-out pumpkin. But don’t forget the candles to add to the ambiance.

Self-Storage Makes Holiday Transition Easy

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