Tips for Storing Wooden Furniture

Prepping some items for storage is easy. If you properly box and label them, you can store them without any special preparations.

The same cannot be said of wooden furniture. Storage can cause damage to wooden furniture in several ways. For that reason, its extremely important to make the proper preparations before putting any wooden furniture into a storage unit.

With that in mind, here are the steps you need to take to properly store your wooden furniture.

#1: Disassemble Wooden Furniture

The first thing you need to do is disassemble your wooden furniture. This will minimize the chances of damage. That means removing table legs, headboards, and footboards.

As you disassemble the furniture, make sure to collect screws and other fixtures and store them in labeled plastic baggies. This will make the job of reassembling them much easier.

If possible, you should remove dresser drawers and store them separately too. If you don’t have the space, keep reading for how to store the entire unit.

#2: Clean and Wax Furniture

If you’re storing your wooden furniture in a space that isn’t climate controlled, it’s important to wax it first. Waxing provides a layer of protection to keep your wooden furniture from drying out. This will also keep dampness from seeping in.

If you have wooden furniture with fabric cushions or surfaces, wipe those surfaces with an antibacterial wipe made especially for upholstery and fabric. Make sure that the fabric surfaces are totally dry before moving on to the next step.

You should also polish any metal trimmings or fixtures on your furniture to protect them against oxidation when they’re in storage.

If you store belongings in dresser drawers, make sure to place a cloth over them to help prevent your belongings from collecting dust.

#3: Wrap Your Wooden Furniture

Once your furniture is disassembled, cleaned, and dried, the next step is to wrap it to prevent damage during your move and to keep your furniture safe when it’s in storage.

The best way to protect your furniture is to wrap it in plastic wrap or shrink wrap. The wrap should cover the furniture completely. Secure it with masking tape, making sure that the tape does not come into contact with the wood since the adhesive may cause damage when you remove it.

Any wooden furniture that will be stored in a facility that doesn’t have climate control should be wrapped in a double layer of shrink wrap. The plastic will prevent your furniture from drying, warping, or being invaded by wood-burrowing insects and other pests.

#4: Cushion Your Wooden Furniture

Both before and after you move your furniture, it’s important to provide some cushioning to prevent dings and scratches from marring your wooden furniture. Furniture pads and blankets are effective and provide your furniture with additional protection.

In the storage unit, make sure not to place items directly on top of furniture without some cushioning between them. If you can, store screws and related furniture parts together. That way, if you need to remove one piece of furniture, everything you need to assemble it will be together and accessible to you.


Wooden furniture can come out of storage looking perfect if you follow these simple instructions to wrap, transport, and store it safely.

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