Dorm Room Hacks

Dorm Room Hacks: Tips for College Student Storage

Dorm Room Hacks

The average dorm room has only 228 square feet of living space. That’s not much, and yet students must fit everything they need into it – and often while sharing with at least one other person. That means that college student storage space is at a premium.

Storage is no less of a problem between school years. Students who are attending school far from home don’t have the option of bringing everything home for the summer. This article will address both issues, helping you find the ideal dorm room storage solutions for the school year – and the summer months.

Maximizing Dorm Room Storage

Fitting everything into a dorm room can be a challenge, but here are some organizational tips that may help:

Think vertical when it comes to dorm room storage. You might have limited floor space, but if you make use of the vertical space in your room, you’ll be surprised at how much you can fit. Tall bookcases give you floor-to-ceiling storage. Hanging baskets are great for groceries and school supplies.

Buy furniture with storage in mind. If you’re getting a desk, look for one that has a desk-top shelf. Get drawer dividers to help you keep your drawers neat, and think about using a shower caddy on the wall to hold extra pens and other office supplies.

Use dead spaces such as space under your bed, or a thin strip of wall space between your closet door and bathroom. Small tension rods can help you store accessories like belts and scarves, or even shoes, in a tiny space.

Over-the-door storage is perfect for holding shoes, snacks, or other bulky items. You might also consider hanging a laundry bag on the inside of a closet door to keep your dirty clothes off the floor. This organization will also make cleaning your dorm room easier.

Always buy extra storage containers. Until you get into your room, you might not know what you need. Bringing a few extra bins, jars, and bags will make it easy to adapt on the fly.

The key is finding creative ways to use every spare inch of space. If you do, you’ll be surprised at how much you can fit in your room. Try these messy roommate tips to help keep your dorm room even more organized.

Summer Ideas for College Student Storage

What do you do when it’s time to pack up your dorm room and head home for the summer? Storage space can be expensive and you’ll want to make the most of what you get. Fortunately, some of the same dorm room hacks can be applied to the storage process. Here’s what to do:

Choose the smallest storage space that will allow you to fit all of your things. There’s no sense in overpaying. If no smaller spaces are available, consider asking a friend or two to split the costs and share the space with you.

Pack everything carefully. Books should go in small boxes and be stored on their sides – storing them on their spines can cause damage. When you pack dishes, the heavy items should go on the bottom of the box with lighter items on top. Wrap everything breakable in bubble wrap or newspaper.

Pack clothing in clear storage bins instead of plastic bags. (Moisture can get trapped in bags and ruin your clothes.)

Disassemble and stack furniture to save space. Remember that you can store small boxes and other items under a table if you can’t remove the legs.

Label everything clearly. When you get back to school, you don’t want to be left wondering which box contains your towels and pillowcases.

The key to college student storage is to maximize your space, protect your belongings, and do whatever you can to make unpacking, moving, and organizing easy when you return to school in the Fall. If you follow these dorm room hacks, you’ll be ready for the new school year in no time.

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