gas and petroleum jobs in tombell, texas

Tomball, TX – Best City for Gas & Petroleum Jobs

gas and petroleum jobs in tombell, texasDespite efforts to make the United States less reliant upon oil, the market for gas and petroleum products is still thriving. In Texas, jobs in the gas and petroleum industry are plentiful.  If you want to live and work there, you need to pick which city will be the best fit. Our pick is Tomball, Texas – a small town in the Houston area.

About Tomball

Let’s start with some basic information about Tomball, Texas. It’s a small town in Harris County and is part of the Houston metropolitan area. As of the US Census in 2010, the population was 10,753. Estimates are that the population as of 2015 was 11,540. When households from the surrounding area incorporated, they increase the total population to just over 35,000.

People came to the area in the early 19th century. Settlers found that it had fertile land that made it ideal for growing crops. Later, railroad engineers determined the town made a good midway point between the Texas plains and the Gulf of Mexico. They ran tracks through the center of town.

The town is named for Congressman Thomas Henry Ball. He played a key role in attracting the railroad and developing the port of Houston.

Schools and Cost of Living

Tomball might be a small town, but they take education seriously. The town is served by the Tomball Independent School District. It has eight elementary schools, five intermediate schools, and two high schools. The schools have a bilingual program to support the town’s Latino population, and there are several private schools and a community college in the area, too.

The cost of living in Tomball is slightly higher than the average in Texas, and slightly lower than the United States average.

Gas and Petroleum Jobs

oil, gas and fuel refinery tomball texasWhen it comes to jobs in the gas and petroleum industry, there are several companies located in and around Tomball to choose from. There are local gas, petroleum, and energy companies that people who wish to find employment in the industry may want to consider.

Not only that, but Tomball is located just 33.8 miles from Houston, one of the top cities in the country for gas and petroleum jobs. With such an easy commute, people who settle in Tomball can have their pick of jobs in Houston, too.

Other Employment in Tomball

If you have a family and you’re considering a move to Tomball, you may wonder what other employers are in the area. Tomball has a large hospital, which means that are jobs available in the medical and healthcare industries.

The largest employer in the area is Hewlett Packard, which has 10,000 employees in and near Tomball. There are also plenty of education and manufacturing jobs in the area – as well as jobs in most major industries to be found in Houston.


People seeking employment in the gas and petroleum industry may well want to consider a move to Tomball, Texas. This small and friendly town offers affordable living, a good school system, and plenty of job opportunities.

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