Traveling to Fontana This Summer? Visit Their Community Site

The city of Fontana, located in Southern California’s San Bernardino County, is a wonderful place to live or visit. We know because Fontana is the site of one of our facilities for storage. Fontana has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike.

Fontana’s History

The City of Fontana was founded in 1919 by a man named Azariel Blanchard Miller. It straddles Route 66 and was, at first, an agricultural community. Its primary crops were citrus fruits, grapes for wine, and chickens.

It wasn’t until World War II began that Fontana expanded.

Fontana Seal Crest Flag

Henry J. Kaiser built a steel mill just outside the city limits. At that time, it was one of only two steel mills located west of the Mississippi River. The Kaiser family also founded Kaiser Permanente, which is now the largest managed care organization in the US.

In addition to its agricultural and industrial roots, Fontana has a history of drag racing. Back in the 1950s and 1960s, Fontana had a drag racing track that was used by the National Hot Rod Association, or NHRA. While the original strip is no longer in operation, NASCAR’s Auto Club Speedway opened a new NHRA drag strip in Fontana in 2006.

As of 2018, the population of Fontana was estimated at 210,000. That makes Fontana the second most populous city in San Bernardino County and the 19th most populous in California.

Community Resources

Even casual visitors to Fontana might be interested in checking out the Lewis Library and Technology Center. The city spent $60 million on the facility, which is now the largest library in the San Bernardino County Library System.

In addition to a collection of 142,000 books, the library has 203 public use computer workstations and a separate technology center. The children’s library is named after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The library is home to an impressive collection of Fontana’s historical documents, something that’s likely to be fascinating to tourists who want to learn more about the city. There’s also a bookstore and coffee bar.

Another impressive community resource is the Fontana Art Depot Gallery. It features exhibitions from local artists and community classes. There are activities for kids, as well, including a Pajama Paint Night and a Tween Paint Night. You can learn more here.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

As you might expect of a city in Southern California, Fontana has wide expanses of open space where visitors and residents can enjoy the mild weather. Within the city limits, there are more than 40 parks, sports facilities, and community centers.

The Mary Vagle Nature Center is an ideal spot to learn about the plants and animals indigenous to Southern California. There are hiking trails, a pond, and wildlife education and exploratory sessions for visitors of all ages.

Many of Fontana’s parks feature walking trails, picnic areas, grills, playgrounds, and other amenities. You can find a full list of parks and services here.

Visiting Fontana is an opportunity to learn about a unique part of California’s history while enjoying the sunshine and warm weather that Southern California is famous for. Visit their website for more information.

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