how to clean garage 390

How to Clean the Garage: Three Important Steps Plus Helpful Video

how to clean garage 390

Cleaning and organizing your garage can be a huge challenge, especially if that storage space has turned into a dumping ground. However, many people can get this done in an afternoon if they have a little help. So, check out these steps to a clean garage and watch the video at the end for more helpful hints.

Step One: Turn the Garage into Clear Floor Space

Clear floor space is a blank canvas for cleaning and organizing. So, if you really are serious about how to clean up your garage, you will start by moving the contents outside. This includes your garden tools, sports equipment, bicycles, and anything else that needs organizing.

As you move items, sort them by type, size, or use. You will save time when you get ready to put things back. To make it easy on yourself, position a large trash can, a recycling bin, and a third container for ‘give-aways’ just outside the garage where you can deposit things you no longer need or want.

This step is often the hardest if your garage is overflowing. Maybe you can invite your friends over one Saturday morning to help you clear it out in exchange for pizza. Your goal should be to get to step two and three as fast as you can!

Step Two: How to Clean Garage Walls and Floors

You’ll need to gather up helpful items such as a push broom, cleaning supplies, and storage bins. Other helpful cleaning items include a shop vacuum for quick pickup or a blower to blow away the dirt and leaves.

If nonporous, your garage walls can be cleaned with warm water and a large sponge. If porous and rough like cement, you can brush them off with a broom or use a light stream of water from a pressure washer. Remember that water will need time to dry before you can move items back in. You can speed things up with a fan at high speed while you are taking a break.

Step Three: Time to Organize Your Garage

Get ready to think creatively. You may already have the organizational tools you need. Before you spend any money, consider what you have that could serve the purpose. A long trash bin can hold your tall garden tools. An old entertainment center can be used as organizing shelves.

What can be hung up? Ladders, bicycles, and other large, light items may be hung from the ceiling by special hooks. It will be worth buying some special hardware to hang things on the walls as well. When you are done, the goal should be that everything has a permanent place.

Every homeowner’s goal with garage organization should be to make it possible for the car to be parked inside. After all, your car is an investment that deserves shelter from the hot sun and other weather elements.

Bonus Step: Solve the Big Garage Storage Problems Permanently

Cleaning your garage won’t last if you can’t solve your biggest storage problems with some shelves and hardware. If you have too much stuff, you’ll be trying to figure out how to clean up your garage again in six months or sooner. You may want to consider a storage unit for your extra belongings, seasonal sports gear, and once-a-season equipment. Renting a unit from Storage West can include a free move-in truck to make it fast and easy.

Equally important, if your garage or driveway is crowded by an extra vehicle of any kind, that’s another good reason to get a storage unit. RV, Car, and Boat Storage is available at many Storage West facilities.


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