Storage West Channelview storefront and parking lot

Video – Customer Testimonial: Storage West-A Safe Place to Store Your Motorhome

Well I had some problems at the storage facility that I was using previously, had some robberies and some vandalism on my motorhome. So I was looking a place to store a motor home and I drove by the lot and came in to see if they had anything. I was impressed with how new it was and how it was constructed and there was a space available, so that’s where I started.

There are alarms all over the place and that really makes me feel better about having my property here. I tease them a lot, but I don’t want them to really know this so you can edit this part out, but they’re the best. I’ve had storage filled in about four different places in town this is the fifth one I think now. I’ve used storage facilities for a storage of Records because I, in my profession it required a lot of it, but I never had better treatment than I’ve had here.

Yeah, they watch pretty closely and if a car goes through I know that they’ll chase the car to make sure that it belongs here. I punch my codes in and out and then they don’t have to watch that but when I am in my motorhome getting in and out, they’ll catch on that real quick and it’s very nice to have them open the gate, so I don’t have to crawl out on the motorhome and get back in it before the gate closes.

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