What is Phoenix Famous For?

Whether you’re visiting Phoenix for the first time or planning to relocate there, you may be wondering what attracts people to this city in the Arizona desert. It turns out there are a lot of reasons to love Phoenix.

At Storage West, we have multiple locations in and around Phoenix, including storage facilities in nearby Glendale, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Here are some of our favorite things about Phoenix.

The Weather

There aren’t many places that can claim weather as reliably sunny as Phoenix. Located in the aptly named Valley of the Sun, Phoenix bathes in the sunshine an average of 299 days a year. It also gets significantly less rain than the national average with only nine inches per year.

In winter, the low temperatures can get down near freezing at night. However, daytime temperatures have an average high of 66 degrees, making Phoenix a popular retirement and winter vacation destination.

Natural Beauty

The landscape in and around Phoenix is striking. Mountains and natural rock formations are everywhere you look. Phoenix itself is home to Camelback Mountain, which gets its name because – you guessed it – it looks like a camel when viewed from a distance. Hiking in winter in Arizona is a wonderful experience. The weather is perfect when there is snow all over the east coast.  There are several great trials and hikes and the natural beauty of the desert is breath taking.

Desert plants give Phoenix a lot of charm and a distinctive appearance. Some of the most recognizable plants in the area include palm trees, saguaro cacti, and Joshua trees.

Phoenix is also home to a variety of desert animal species including coyotes, lizards, and birds of prey such as hawks and vultures. In addition to the natural beauty to be found within the city limits, Phoenix is also within driving distance of the famous red rocks at Sedona, the Sonoran Desert, and the Grand Canyon.


Like any big city, Phoenix has an array of museums and tourist attractions. The Phoenix Zoo features an array of animals, including an exhibit dedicated to animals indigenous to the area. The Desert Botanical Garden is likewise famous and a great place to learn about native plants and trees.

One of Phoenix’s most famous museums is the Heard Museum, which features an impressive collection of Native American artifacts and art. The museum’s curators regularly work with Native artists and feature ongoing and special exhibits.

The Phoenix Art Museum is famous for its large fashion collection. You may also want to check out the Musical Instrument Museum, which has a collection of 16,000 instruments from around the world.

Golf and Resorts

One of the things that pulls tourists and residents alike to Phoenix is the city’s collection of world-class resorts and golf courses. The year-round mild climate makes Phoenix a favorite destination of amateur and professional golfers.

Some of the five-star resorts in Phoenix and nearby Scottsdale include the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa and the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort.

Famous Residents

Phoenix has its share of famous people and celebrities. Some of the best known include:

  • Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Senator John McCain
  • Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor
  • Author Clive Cussler
  • Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone
  • Aidy Bryant of Saturday Night Live

It’s always fun to think about running into a celebrity and Phoenix attracts plenty of them with its beautiful weather and resorts.

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