best place to get moving boxes

Where to Get Moving Boxes

best place to get moving boxes

When you’re moving from one place to another, packing is an important task. You need to be methodical and organized. It’s essential to have the right materials. Finding the best place to get moving boxes can be the ticket to a smoother, damage-free move.

The Four Most Common Places to Buy Moving Boxes

At Storage West, we consider ourselves experts on moving and storage, and we know a thing or two about moving boxes. We carry our own handpicked line of moving boxes and supplies just for that reason. Our customers expect the best storage solutions and the best packing materials are essential.

Whether you choose Storage West as the best place to buy moving boxes or you go somewhere else, we hope you get the materials you need to keep your belongings safe and free of breakage or damage.

These are the four most common places to buy moving boxes:

  1. Department stores (Walmart, Target, etc.) tend to sell boxes and moving supplies. You can expect these to be limited to a few basic sizes.
  2. Hardware stores (Lowes, Home Depot) often sell boxes too, and the selection will be better than a regular department store.
  3. Most moving companies sell moving boxes and other moving supplies. They will offer more specialized boxes in more sizes.
  4. Self-storage companies stock an array of moving supplies, including moving boxes, packing materials, tape, markers, and more.

Tips for Choosing the Best Moving Boxes

To get better boxes, it helps to see them in person and compare thickness, size and other aspects. Here are some examples.

  • For heavy items, it’s best to use smaller boxes to control the total weight and make them easy to move.
  • For breakable items, you want the box to have a thick cardboard exterior unlike many department store boxes which are thin and best for nonbreakable items.
  • Regardless of item size or box size, stronger boxes with thicker cardboard are better for items that are easily damaged.
  • Divided boxes provide the greatest protection for stemware and other delicate items.
  • Large boxes, by design, need to be thicker to hold greater weight.
  • The more expensive the item that needs to be protected, the more sophisticated the packing materials need to be. Think of your best crystal, which cost $50 a glass, versus your everyday glasses, which cost $4 apiece.
  • A long distance move requires the most premium boxes and packing materials to guarantee good results.

The Best Place to Buy Moving Boxes Will Offer Expert Help

You won’t find a packing expert at Walmart or Lowes, and a moving company is going to sell you its boxes at a premium for using their service. Beyond capturing a sale, an online distributor has no incentive to help a customer truly understand the pros and cons of each type of box size and strength.

Expert help is where Storage West really excels. Not only can you get a wide variety of the best packing boxes available today, but you can get the expertise of our staff.

At Storage West, our on-site managers know packing boxes inside and out. They can help you determine how many boxes you will need and what type will be best for your belongings. You can get a feel for the difference in box strength and decide for yourself what moving boxes you need.

Be sure to ask about our special Here for You Guarantee. You can get a trio of the best moving boxes available. Plus, you can get up to 50% off on moving boxes and supplies. This includes our high-crush strength boxes, premium packing supplies and protective coverings.

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