Why it’s Time to Declutter Your Home (and Mind)

Everybody is familiar with the proverbial war between clean and messy roommates. One mindlessly drops their trash and belongings throughout the home, creating a cluttered environment, while the organized one grows to resent their roommate’s less-than-stellar habits. This dilemma is a common one, but is it possible that the organized roommates could be onto something?

A clear and organized home gives one a clear and organized mind. Some experts state that coming home to a cluttered living space can release the stress hormone cortisol. Seeing various items scattered throughout the home can overwhelm the mind, with many psychologists stating that outside environment is a major factor in overall mental well-being. 

Through anecdotal evidence, many understand how a messy home brings forth a messy mind. People individually report feeling less motivated and more stressed when they come home to a cluttered living space. This mindset does not apply to all; many people are innately disorganized with no issue. But many can also benefit from a regular decluttering. 

So if you’re the messy roommate (or just someone whose daily responsibilities eat up your cleaning time) there are steps you can take to declutter your home, and mind, too.

  • Clear out your belongings. Look carefully throughout all of your belongings. It may be a good time to hold a garage sale or donate your clothes. If you come across something you haven’t worn or used in the past six months, consider donating it.
  • Delegate responsibilities. Whether you’re living with a spouse, children, or a roommate, it is always helpful to make sure everybody in the house is aware of specific tasks and responsibilities that they are responsible for. Clear communication is key in this.
  • Schedule a regular home clean-up. Designate a specific day each week, or month, that the members of your household are going to clean up. It could be every Sunday, every other Saturday, or perhaps the first weekend of every month. Just think about what you think your household can realistically commit to.
  • Consider renting a storage unit. A storage unit is an effective way to clear out seasonal items and excess belongings. If you have extra stuff around your home that you desire to keep, Storage West is here to help.

If excess clutter is bringing your household down, a storage unit can help you take control of your living space. Click the following link to see Storage West Self-Storage Locations.

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