Why San Marcos Was Named as One of the Best Suburbs in America

Between the world-famous San Diego Zoo, fresh sea air, and a thriving economy, it’s understandable why millions of people from around the globe have flocked to San Diego. Currently, over 3 million people call San Diego County home. Many purchase homes here looking to invest in real estate, wanting to settle down with a family, or are those just wishing for a change of scenery, and the San Diego area seems to be the perfect place to fulfill those California dreams.

While the city of San Diego itself is an exciting place to live, what surrounds the city is a plethora of suburbs. With an extensive list of surrounding towns, it can be overwhelming for one looking to relocate to decide which city to set their sights on. Nestled within the Northern San Diego area, lies the city of San Marcos. Home to 83,000 residents, San Marcos has been ranked among some of the best spots in the United States.

That is why a website called GOBankingRates ranked the best suburbs in the country, ranking based on cost of living, quality of education, and overall neighborhood safety.

Crime rates in San Marcos hover around the national average, with mid and southern San Marcos showing to be the safest areas of the town.

The cost of living in Southern California is notoriously known to be high, but upon glancing upon San Marcos’s average cost of living, it does not seem as though the cost of living is astronomical. The median home price was listed to be $590,000. While that is still high compared to many other areas of the country, this is quite low compared to the rest of the Greater San Diego and Los Angeles areas. Transportation costs also were higher than the national average, which is to be expected due to Southern California’s often congested roadways and high gas prices.

San Marcos is home to California State University – San Marcos. CSU is the largest public university system in California, producing 100,000 graduates annually. The San Marcos campus is one of 23 campuses disbursed throughout California. Many of CSU’s campuses have made it on to Forbes 2019 List of Top Colleges, with California being considered by many to have the best public university system in the United States.

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