You Can Do Home Organization with Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo has recently built quite a name for herself in the home organization and cleaning sphere. Since starting her tidying up business at the tender age of 19, she has helped many turn around their cluttered living space. The prospect of cleaning up a disheveled home can be quite daunting; many people begin their household cleaning unsure of where to even start. People often feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having to organize an entire home. Luckily, Marie herself decided to take the confusion out of home organization and cleaning by developing her KonMari method.

This method has rapidly become popular, with many testimonials singing praises of this method. This method began to pick up steam with the 2014 release of Kondo’s book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, which has earned the accomplishment of becoming a #1 New York Times bestseller. Kondo’s techniques provide a unique approach to minimalism, differentiating Kondo from other home organization consultants.


The method employs a technique that has one dividing up their cleaning by item category, rather than location. Typically, someone who is cleaning will start with one room, such as the kitchen, and work their way throughout the home, going room by room. The KonMari takes a different approach, prioritizing category over location.

The method directs one to begin decluttering clothes, then books, following with assorted items that hold little sentimental value. The technique encourages saving one’s cherished items for last, being discerning when deciding which materials should be cleared out.

When discarding belongings or donating clothes, Kondo encourages only keeping belongings which “spark joy”. Once your emotional attachment to an item fades, then it no longer has a place in your home. She asserts that those who employ her method will never have to clean again. The method emphasizes creating a home that fills one with positive feelings, with only one’s most treasured possessions having a place in their dwelling.

Kondo encourages one to be tactful when storing things in their home. She believes that in-home storage only temporarily relieves one from clutter. She believes that clutter will inevitably bubble back up when storing inside the home.

If you are someone in the process of organizing their living space, consider renting a storage unit. A home may only have a finite amount of storage space, while storage units come in a variety of different sizes, to suit your needs. A storage unit will free more space in your home, without needing to part with beloved belongings. Are you planning to organize your home? Storage West is here to help. Click here to find a self-storage facility near you.

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